Day 10 – Use Our Content Packs

Day 10   Content Packs

Welcome To Day 10! Content, Content, Content!

Today we’re going to make sure you know how to use Carrot’s content packs for your site and why they’re beneficial for your business.

One of the biggest things we promote at Carrot is Content Marketing and all the benefits that come with that as a real estate professional.

We have a lot of great information throughout our resources about the benefits and strategies and beyond.

But our main goal for today is learning how to schedule Content Packs on your site if you are a Content Pro member or an Advanced Marketer member.

For core members, we still believe you should be doing content marketing and suggest looking at ways you can create a weekly blog or a weekly video post.

To start I want to post through some great articles and resources on content marketing. Then at the bottom you’ll find our tutorial on scheduling content packs onto your webpage.

Content Marketing Articles

Scheduling Your Content Packs

You can schedule the content packs by logging into your account and clicking on Content Marketing in the main menu.

Once there, you’ll be in the right spot to schedule the content packs listed.

Here’s a tutorial that will explain that in more detail –>

Scheduling Blog Posts

Day 10 Action Steps:

  1. Read Article on Content Marketing For Real Estate
  2. Schedule Your First Content Pack
  3. Update at least 25% of the content on each article in that pack. Post 1 in the Facebook group!


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