Day 13 – Get Social! Connecting Your Accounts

Day 13 – Day 13   Get Social

Welcome to Day 13! Get Social With Carrot

Today is focused on getting your social media accounts connected to your Carrot site.

You should probably create a social media presence for your business for several reasons. Google likes to see that you’re creating a complete online presence for your business.

And it can provide opportunities to generate leads for your business.

Many of you have probably tried to generate leads with paid advertising, whether through AdWords or Facebook.

And that’s a wonderful way to generate leads if you do it right (we have an entire article about it over here).

But there’s another way to generate leads that your competitors might not be taking advantage of. And that’s using your social media business page, or even your personal profile, to generate buyer and seller leads for your business.


Well, it’s actually really simple. Just create a cadence (weekly would be good) of posting about the properties you’re looking to buy or sell and then respond to comments and messages.

Don’t forget to post un-business related content throughout the week, though, too so that people don’t get annoyed with all of your pitches and can get a feel for who you are as a person (which builds trust).

You don’t need to do anything especially interesting in these posts, the point is just to post and try to get your message in front of an audience that your competitor doesn’t even have access to.

Don’t be too sales-y or pitch-y or it might rub people the wrong way. Just tell people what you have going on and tell them to contact you if they’re interested. Then do it again next week.

Connect Your Accounts

A good place to start would be the following.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

If you don’t have some of these yet, don’t worry, but you should probably at least have a facebook page at a minimum and if you plan on using videos on your site, you’ll want to have a YouTube business channel as well.

Helpful Tutorials To Get Started

Day 13 Action Steps

  1. Create your facebook business page if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Create your YouTube channel
  3. Connect your social media accounts to your carrot site.
  4. Share your social media profiles in the FB community and look at what other people are doing with their accounts.


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