Day 18 – Google Ads: Your First Ads Campaign

Day 18 - Launching Your Google Ads Account

Welcome to Day 18 – Your First Google Ads Campaign!

Now that you have done the prep work, it’s time to launch your account! Today’s purpose will be to get your Google Ads account launched with a handful of keywords in it, nothing too crazy. The article below will go over the basic logistics to set up your account. Once you do this, come back here for the next steps.

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Today’s Reading

How to Start a Google Ads Account for Your Real Estate Business

Setting Up Your First Campaign

Okay, your account is officially setup, now it’s time to get some ads up and running! The most important things you must do are:

1. Create Your Campaign and Set your Daily Budget

Read the article above to launch your campaign.

When it comes to setting you budget, this is where your max cost per lead from yesterday comes in! If your max cost per lead is $100 and you need 15 leads to get a deal that would be $1500 per deal. Now if you want to get 1 deal a month from Google Ads, your budget needs to be $1500 per month. But Google only sets daily budgets, so it would need to be $1500 / 30 days = $50 daily budget. That’s how you determine your daily budget! It’s okay to start small at $5-$20 per day and ramp up your campaign later! Any less than $5 per day might not be able to afford any clicks at all, and probably isn’t worth the time to put into Google Ads…

2. Add in your targeted locations

You can add in by city, county or zip code. Make sure to exclude any cities/zip codes of areas you do not want business in

3. Create Ad Groups

Ad Groups are designed to make sure your ad copy matches the keywords you are targeting. You want people in Roseburg searching the keyword “we buy houses” to see an add for “We Buy Houses in Roseburg.” Create the following Ad groups:

1. We Buy Houses
2. Sell House Fast
3. Home Buyers
4. Cash For Houses

Add the keywords below to the matching Ad Group.

4. Add in the correct keywords

You can have ppc success with only a handful of keywords. But first, you need to understand a fundamental ppc concept:

Match Types. Read through this Google tutorial about match types:

Our data shows that the below keywords are producing the most leads. We recommend ONLY using phrase and exact matches. See our examples below:

  • “We buy houses”
  • [we buy houses]
  • “Sell my house fast”
  • [sell my house fast]
  • “Sell house fast”
  • [sell house fast]
  • “Home buyers”
  • “Cash for homes”

Also add in negative keywords.

  • “First time”
  • “Grant”
  • “1st”

3. Create great ad copy

Read through the article below to help create a plan and some great ad copy to help you stand out.

Specifically jump to Step 5 of the article.

Adwords for Real Estate Investors

4. Set Up Conversion Tag on Carrot Site

How To Install The New AdWords Conversion Tracking Tag

5. Turn On Your Campaign! 🙂

Walk Through of Tim’s Google Ads Account

Check out this 10-minute video below if you want to see what a currently active Google Ads account looks like that is currently bringing in wholesale deals for Tim!

Day 18 - Launch Your Google Ads Account Example

Day 18 Action Steps:

  1. Most your max cost per lead from yesterday in the Facebook group!
  2. Launch Your Campaign and post a screenshot of it in the Facebook group!
  3. Carrot Contest! The first person to launch their account, post a screenshot of it, optimize it on Day 22 and post a screenshot of it again on Day 22, will win some free carrot swag!!
  4. If you aren’t setting up a Google Ads account, use today as a catch up or rest day!


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