Day 2 – Carrot And Your Marketing

Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Investor 30-Day Challenge!

Congrats on making it to Day 2! You are twice as far as you were yesterday!  Now that you have the right mindset to build a business with momentum that succeeds for the long run, you need to understand the EXTERNAL factors that will be affecting your agent business. The purpose of today is to discuss the shifting market and how you can prepare to succeed in it. Watch the video from Trevor above…

If you are interested, click here to check out Trevor’s podcast about his Top 5 non-negotiables. 

You will become a commodity if you:

  • Focus on property
  • Hamster wheel marketing
  • Servicer
  • Shrinking profits
  • Struggle for business
  • Change marketing strategy often
  • Know stuff, but nobody knows you
  • everything must look like a wholesale deal

If you are an authority, you will:

  • Focus on value
  • Have evergreen marketing
  • Are an expert Guide
  • Have stable commission
  • Attract amazing clients
  • Execute long-term strategy
  • Recognized as trusted expert by many
  • Creative solutions to work all leads

There are two parts to the residential real estate market: Investors and Retail. Investors are mainly house flippers and wholesalers who help sellers who are willing to sell the property at a discount or need to get rid of it quickly. The retail side is the traditional market compromised of agents using the MLS to help people buy and sell houses.

These two segments of the market have helped sellers in different ways. With new technology “iBuyer” companies like Opendoor, Zillow Offers, and Offerpad, the gap is being bridged and investors will have to adjust.The majority of investors and agents who do not make a change in their business will become a commodity. Keller Williams understands this and have recently launched their own iBuyer program. Check out this article from just a couple months ago:

Keller Williams Launching iBuyer Program

Brian Rockwell Case Study

Check out top Carrot client Brian Rockwell on how he flipped his business around to generate $125,000/month with Carrot. Read the case study and check out the podcast at the link below.

Brian Rockwell Case Study

Day 2 Action Items:

  1. Check out Brian’s Case Study above.
  2. Write down between 2-5 non-negotiables and share them with the Facebook Group.
  3. Commit to either becoming a commodity or an authority. There is no middle ground. Post your decision and affirmation in the Facebook group!


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