Day 20 – SEO: Location Specific Pages

Day 20 - SEO: Location Specific Pages

It’s Day 20! Location, Location, Location!

Today we are going to look at creating a few city specific landing pages for your site.

You’re probably asking “what are city specific landing pages and why do I need them?”

City specific landing pages are essentially pages you’re creating on your site that target different cities, counties or neighborhoods in your market.

For example. If I am looking for motivated sellers in Philadelphia, I will have my homepage target Philadelphia, BUT there are a ton a neighborhoods in Philadelphia that people may also end up searching for on Google. I want to make sure and have pages on my site that specifically target those search phrases for the neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

Some of the neighborhoods are.

  • Germantown
  • Kensington
  • South Philadelphia
  • Point Breeze
  • Center City
  • etc…

I want to create pages for each of those neighborhoods so that if someone search in google.

“Sell my house fast in germantown”

My city specific landing page for germantown can capture people searching for that phrase.

Watch This Call On Our Strategy

Wholesaling in Multiple Markets? Here’s What Your Website Strategy Should Be

Adding Locations Specific Pages To Your Site

Do It Yourself

Follow this tutorial for creating your own city specific landing pages for you site.

How To Add Multiple Locations To A Carrot Site

Important Note:

We recommend updating the content on each city specific landing page to avoid duplicate content issues on your site.

Done For You

This is definitely one of our most popular services. We have some amazing copywriters who can do this for you and create unique content for each location specific page.

Location Page Services

Day 20 Action Steps:

  1. Write out all the location specific phrases you’d like to target. Decide on 10 and share them with the facebook group.
  2. Watch our Strategy Call about marketing in multiple areas.
  3. Create at least 1 city specific page OR order your city specific landing pages through us!! Link up the page in the Facebook group!