Day 21 – SEO: Citations

Day 21 - SEO: Citations

Welcome to Day 21! Citations Day

Similar to city specific landing pages, you’re probably wondering what citations are. Today is all about learning what citations are, how to create them and where to create them.

Today’s Reading

How To Build Local Citations For Real Estate Agents + Investors

How To Set Up Citations

Step 1 – Create Your NAP

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone

Decide what name address and phone number you want to use across all your citations.

Step 2 – Create Your Company Cheat Sheet

Prepare yourself by using this little cheat sheet of the most commonly asked for pieces of information.

  • Your Name
  • Company Name – The company’s exact name
  • Email Address – Your email that will be connected to your business
  • Address – The company’s exact address
  • City – The company’s exact city name
  • State- The state the company resides
  • Zip – The zip code of the company
  • Phone Number – The local phone number of the exact business location
  • Company Website Landing Page – The landing page for the business

Step 3 – Set Up Dedicated Email Address

Don’t use your main email address or your personal one.

These business directory websites usually make money by trying to sell advertising services.

So you may start to get a lot of “junk” email and some solicitation phone calls. The calls will tail off within a month or two, but the emails can really fill up an inbox.

Use the email address to confirm submissions, then let it capture the sales emails so it doesn’t clog your normal inbox.

Step 4 – Create Your Citations

Review the list on the article above and start working through the list for your citations.

Day 21 Action Steps:

  1. Create your NAP & Company Cheat Sheet
  2. Pick 10 places from the above article to start your citations. Post in the Facebook group your list!