Day 22 – Google Ads: Managing Your Account

Day 22 - Optimize Your Google Ads Account

Welcome to Day 22!

As you have learned, Google Ads is not a “one and done” thing. You should be optimizing your campaign once a month.

You do not want to make changes too often to Google Ads, because Google needs time to build a consistent history of performance in order for their algorithms to spit out the best results for you. You have to trust that Google is working even when you aren’t.

When it’s time to review your account, the highest priority items you need to review are:

  1. Keyword Bid Adjustments
  2. Search Terms Report
  3. Device Bid Adjustments
  4. Add/Exclude Target Locations

Google Ads Maintenance Series

One-Time PPC Management – Tips to Manage Your Account

BONUS: Example Optimization Of Tim’s Account

Make sure that you watch Brendan’s Google Ads Maintence Series (link above) before you watch this below! You need to get familiar with the Google Ads platform in order to get the most out of Tim’s example optimization.

Day 22 - Google Ads Optimize Example

Day 22 Action Steps:

  1. Watch Videos 1-4 of the Google Ads Maintence Series w/ Brendan!
  2. Update your Google Ads account accordingly!
  3. Post a screenshot of your optimized account in the Faceook group. The first one who does and also posted their account setup will win some free Carrot swag!