Day 23 – Create Your First Backlink

Day 23   First Backlink

Welcome to Day 23! One More Week To GO 😮

Welcome to the end of Week 3! You are crushing it! When others were too busy, you made time…When others gave up because they weren’t “techy”, you dove even deeper into our trainings. When others said the market is too competitive, you committed to becoming an authority, not a commodity…When others said Zillow can’t be beat, you had faith and will begin to reap the rewards soon! We are grateful for you and are excited to crush one more week with you!

Now, today’s purpose is to get you your first backlink! Remember when we talked about the 3 most important factors for SEO?

  1. Tech Stack (page set up correctly, page speed, page structure, optimized for mobile)
  2. Content (Is this page relevant for the search phrase?)
  3. Backlinks (that’s today!)

By choosing Carrot and going through this challenge, you have already crushed the other two. Time to crush the third. So, what are backlinks? A backlink is when another web page has a hyperlink to a page on your website. Google’s philosophy is that the more backlinks a website has, the more authority it has and can be trusted to rank high for relevant phrases. This is why you see websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon and consistently at the top of the search results. National websites will always rank high for broad, high-traffic keywords not just because of their content, but because there are so many other websites that link to their pages. That is one reason why we are so adamant on having a niche. It’s easier to compete. But, you cannot ignore the backlink equation and have to put resources into building your backlinks up. The 2 ways to build your backlinks up are:

  1. Citations – Adding your business information on a website directory listing (we recommend 40-50 for your site. Directories like, yelp, Google+,, chamber of commerce, etc)
  2. Find other websites to link to your website (your other websites, local newspaper, friends/family sites, mortgage brokers, contractors sites, broker site, etc)

If you want Carrot to create your citations for you, check out the link below. Otherwise we have training below that on how to do it yourself!

Have Carrot take care of your citations for you here. 

How To Add Citations (If you haven’t already)

We have blog articles below diving into the expectations you should have when building backlinks and how to build citations yourself. We include a list of many directories you can start with, saving you some research time.

How Many Backlinks Does It Take To Start Ranking?

How To Build Local Citations Yourself

3 Lead Per Day Training

If you want to dive further into backlinks, our 3 Lead-Per-Day training is a must! We go over advanced backlink building techniques to secure your domination in the top search engine rankings!

If you haven’t already, purchase the 3 Lead-Per-Day Training here!

Day 23 Action Items:

  1. Post in the Facebook group what you did for your first backlink and where you got the backlink from!
  2. If you have already complete