Day 24 – Create Your First Video

Day 24

Welcome To Day 24! Lights, Camera, Action!

Do you like being on camera? Either way, you need to be! Many people do not feel comfortable shooting videos. But video is an absolutely essential component to online marketing these days. Many investors flourish when speaking with someone one-on-one, but the problem is that doesn’t help you scale. Video scales your message to many. Talking to one person is effective, but with video you can talk to hundreds or thousands of people at once. If you made 1 video per week, every week for a year, you would have 52 videos driving traffic to your website! This is how you build momentum with consistent online marketing and your Carrot site!

So what should the topic be for today? Whatever the easiest topic for you to speak about! We recommend either making a video about yourself and your USPs or about your primary location (or both in one video!). During Week 4, we are going to create 3 niche VideoPosts as well. Here are the steps to successfully creating a video with Carrot…

8 Steps to a Successful VideoPost

  1. Come up with an idea (we recommend a general video about yourself or primary location today)
  2. Research keywords related to your idea
  3. Use the last page of your Carrot Authority Builder to plan out your video script (download below)
  4. Come up with a Call-To-Action you will use in the video. Make sure to mention it during the video (usually the end).
  5. Shoot the video, it does not have to perfect! Remember, progress not perfection!
  6. Make the title your keyword,
  7. Upload video into Carrot’s VideoPost feature (training below).
  8. If you want, upload to Facebook too to share with your audience and drive the back to your Carrot site. Now you will the video on YouTube, Carrot, and Facebook, all driving traffic back to your website. This is how you turn your content into an asset.


VideoPost Overview

Watch this training below where Trevor gives a general overview of Carrot’s VideoPost feature and how to use it.

Carrot's VideoPost Feature - Turn Your Videos Into SEO Content In Minutes...

Now that you have an overview of how VideoPosts work, watch the video below to see Trevor create a VideoPost from start-to-finish in under 10 minutes!

Trevor VideoPost Example Walk Through

Create Real Estate Content in Under 10 Minutes with Carrot's VideoPost

If Trevor can do it, you can do it! Now it’s time to create your own VideoPost. Once the video is complete, use the 2 tutorials below showing you how to upload them to YouTube, optimize them and add them into Carrot. Remember, there is a minimal charge to use the VideoPost feature at $1.25 per minute.

How To Add a VideoPost in Carrot

How To SEO Optimize Your VideoPost

You got this!

Day 24 Action Items:

  1. Watch the videos above and create your first VideoPost.
  2. Post your Video in the Facebook thread and will give you some feedback! The person who posts the first VideoPost 3-5 min will get some free Carrot Swag!