Day 26 – SEO: Creating Unique Content

Investor Day 26 – SEO Unique Content

Welcome to Day 26!

Diving into “Content is King”

Having a good grasp of using the page editor (editing copy and adding or changing photos) will be key to creating unique content. Unique content can come in many ways, but today let’s focus on revamping some of what you may already have (Content Pro or Advanced Marketer) or creating something new.

Importance of unique content and what to keep in mind as you’re writing it.

Unique content is important for this begins to separate you from the crowd and serves as a space to connect with your audience to show your expertise and create added value.

From Google’s perspective, it loves content as a way to help build trust that you are an expert and a way to prove why your website is a great match for specific keywords. This is your way to have your voice and brand come to life.

If you’re on the Content Pro or Advanced Marketer, you can use the Content Packs and add or edit the content to have it reflect you and your market better. Add some localized the photos, re-write a few sentences or paragraphs that sound more like you or your audience. Aim for 10-20% of content rewrite to have it stand out as unique content.

Why Is Duplicate Content Bad

Having duplicate content (same articles and images as everyone else) doesn’t help SEO growth. Google won’t penalize the site for duplicate content, but it also won’t be rewarded if it’s trying to rank websites that all look the same. The one that stands out a bit more uniquely will be ranked higher.

Make Your Content Unique

One strategy to making your content unique on your Carrot site is to work one paragraph at a time.

Open up a separate document and rewrite each paragraph in your own words. Add stuff you think is necessary, remove stuff you think is too much, and in the end, make it your own.

When creating unique, a great approach to keep in mind is how is this creating value for the reader. Information about a market trend, hotspots of local area, things to consider for first time buyer/seller, etc. Content about your company is also a great approach. Here’s a quick list that might help…

  1. Solve a Problem
  2. Consider what your audience really needs
  3. What are strengths you have about your industry and can share?

And if you’re looking to use the Video Transcript post feature, here are 12 ideas of help inspire what to create.

Real Estate Video Marketing: 12 Ideas to Fuel Your Campaign (Even if You’re Not Spielberg)

Additional Resources

Adding Images to Pages and Posts

Review And Personalize Your Content

Day 26 Action Steps:

  1. Make a rewrite goal for the day.
    1. 10-20% of the homepage and the Company Page
    2. 20% of 5 blogs (add/switching images helps too!)
    3. Any pages you have expertise in, through your knowledge nuggets in here!
  2. Find your inner author and get to work!