Day 27 – Launch Your Buyer’s Site

Day 27   Buyers Site

Welcome to Day 27!

Now that we’re coming to the end of having your Motivated Seller Site all up and operating, this is a good time to look at getting your buyer site up and running.

Buyer sites are a bit easier, but investors are generally just looking for places to find good deals and are a much easier and more lenient site visitor.

So today let’s just go through the basics of getting your buyer site up and running.

Key Updates

1. Launch The Site

Launch a buyer site and choose the design you’d like to use. Go back to Day 3 to look at what’s possible and review the different designs available.

2. Attach A Domain Name

You’ll want (need!) to have a different domain name for your buyers site. If you need a refresher on choosing a good domain or getting it attached, head back to Day 9 on attaching a domain name for help.

3. Add Your Bio & Profile Photo

Use the bio and profile photo created in Day 5. There isn’t really much need to change this up here other than tweaking it to be appropriate to investors.

You might talk about how you love finding good deals for investors and creating strong relationships for ongoing partnerships.

4. Add Any Testimonials From Buyers

If you have any testimonials from buyers you’ve worked with or other partners, this is a great place to put them. Day 6 goes through all the information about getting your testimonials in place.

5. Add Your Logo & Local Images

It’s still important to localize and add a logo to you buyer site. Day 7 has everything you need to get that taken care of.

6. Add Any Properties You Have

This is something we haven’t looked at yet. But this is the site you will add your properties and listings to.

We have a great tutorial on adding properties on the heading above. Hop into chat or in the facebook group if you need any help adding your properties here.

Day 27 Action Step:

  1. Launch Your Buyer Site!
  2. Make your key updates!
  3. Post up the link in the Facebook group for feedback!
  4. EXTRA CREDIT! – You can take your buyer site through all the steps listed in the previous days to really take your buyers list to the next level!