Day 28 – Build Your Buyer’s List

Day 28 - Building Your Buyer's List

Welcome To Day 28! The Gold is in Your Buyer’s List!

Building your buyer’s list is one the most important steps in building your business and The more buyers you have on your buyer’s list, the higher your profits will be over the long-run! The gold is in your buyer’s list! Below is a case study from a very successful Carrot member on how they built their buyer’s list online. Then, check out 12 easy ways to build your buyer’s list over the long run!

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12 Easy Ways to Build Your Buyer’s List

  1. Networking at local Real Estate Investors Association (REIA)
  2. Call “we buy houses” signs and ask to add them to your list!
  3. Google “we buy houses” or “sell my house fast” in your area for other investors and contact them!
  4. Join local Facebook groups!
  5. Get a targeted list of buyer’s agents from the MLS (This is what Tim did for his buyer in video above!) Filter by properties sold in the last 6 months and were purchases using cash. Contact all of those buyer’s agents!
  6. Put out your own bandit signs, a lot of other buyer’s will call them, because they are doing the same thing!
  7. Facebook Ads
  8. Craigslist (See Day 15 With Joaquin!)
  9. Direct mail a list of houses that have 100% equity, have an absentee-owner, and that was bought in the last 6 months! These are indicators of serious cash buyers for your list!
  10. Drive around looking for “For Rent” signs. Those landlords may want to buy other rentals too!
  11. Go to a sheriff sale or auction and get the bidders’ business cards!
  12. Contact local attorneys or money lenders. They will know many serious investors!

Tips When Building Your List

Every deal you get should be an opportunity to build your buyer’s list. Make sure to put your property into our listing properties feature we have. The tutorial is shown below.

Advertise your deal with our listing properties feature shown here.

Even if a buyer isn’t interested in your current deal, it doesn’t mean they won’t be the highest bidder on the next one! Save every buyer phone number and email address and ask every potential buyer you come into contact with permission to add them to your list! Over time, your list will grow to be massive!

Day 28 Action Items:

  1. Research buyers in your market and add 3 buyers to your email list!
  2. AND/OR…
  3. Research then post in the Facebook Group the local REIA you will attend to start networking!
  4. Let us know when you get 15 leads for a free Carrot Bud!
  5. Give us feedback on your experience in the challenge