Day 29 – Leads & Appointments

Day 29 - Leads & Appointments

One More Day! Congrats and Welcome to Day 29!

Ladies and gentleman we have just one. more. day. Congrats on making to the final 2 days of the 30-Day Authority Building Challenge! We are so proud of you for making to the end of the challenge. It hasn’t been easy and we have asked you to do a lot of work in a short period of time. If you have followed our 30-day challenge, you will start seeing the online leads rolling in! And here’s some great news – online SEO & PPC leads are the highest quality leads for two reasons:

  1. They are SEARCHING FOR YOU. You aren’t begging them for their attention
  2. Just because they are reaching out to you now, doesn’t mean they haven’t seen your website before. If your site showcases you as the #1 authority in your market, you have already won!

The lead may have already decided to work with you well before you have any offer or even spoken to them…

So you need to take advantage of that and make sure you contact the lead RIGHT AWAY. Like within the first 5 minutes. Check out our case study of RJ Bates below who has a “5-minute policy” at his office when it comes to contacting leads. And he did over $2M+ in revenue in 2018…

RJ Bates’ $2 Million Story and his 5 Minute Policy

Why You Need To Contact The Lead Right Away!

There are dozens of studies that have come to the same conclusion. Contacting the lead within the first 5 minutes will drastically increase your conversion rate. Don’t let money fall through the cracks! If you lose just one deal, how much money did you lose? $5000? $10,000? $25,000? Enough to pay for your Carrot site for 10 or 20 years?! Before you invest heavily in paid marketing, you need to have your systems dialed in for contacting the lead back right away. It is one of the best investments you can make in your real estate business.

Now, Carrot can help you too! Did you know you can setup SMS notifications within Carrot? This means that whenever a new lead comes in, Carrot will automatically send you a text message notifying you of the new lead! Check out our tutorial below to set it up πŸ™‚

Now, you don’t need to spend 30 minutes analyzing the property before you call the lead…No, just take advantage of the tools we already built for you. Before you speak to the lead, review the information they have filled out on your Carrot site…Not every lead will fill out the Step 2 Form, but the ones that do, take even more seriously! See the screenshot of an incoming Step 2 lead you can get sent to your email and review the information.

Use The Step 2 Form to quickly determine if the lead is motivated!

Those 4 questions above with the red arrows are the most important to review to determine the motivation of the lead. Make sure to verify the rest of the information on the call with them as well.

Going On An Appointment

When you go on appointment for an online lead, remember that the lead has probably researched you and your company. Stay consistent with your messaging and branding. Wear a t-shirt with your logo on it if you can. Talk about the same selling points you highlight on your website. Briefly tell them your story that you have on your About Page. It will reinforce the trust you have already built with them from your online marketing. Connect the dots between your website and you in person and it will make a huge difference!

Let’s review what you have done in this challenge:

  1. Your seller website is built and localized with images and your About Page.
  2. You have added credibility to your site with testimonials and unique content
  3. You have started to optimize your site to build a long-term stream of SEO leads!
  4. You started Google Ads and Facebook Retargeting campaigns for some short-term leads
  5. You have built your buyer’s site and already started building your buyer’s list

Your business is almost built! Now you just need a system to turn the Carrot lead into $$$. We recommend reaching out to local investors or coaches to learn all about analyzing deals, contract and sales, but we have some tips on our blogs linked below!

Check Out Our Sales Tips & Deal Pitfalls to Avoid Below!

Now, what you can do today is…

Action Items:

  1. Post in the Facebook group your plan to contact the leads ASAP when they start rolling in! Or ask for help and what other Carrot members are doing!
  2. Give us feedbackΒ on your experience in the challenge