Day 30 -Setting Up For Long-Term Success

Day 30 Investor

Welcome To Day 30! The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Journey!

There will be no video today as we are reserving it for the live Q&A with Trevor in the Facebook group at 10am pacific! It’s the last official day of the challenge, and the first official day of the rest of your new business. Your business that focuses on long-term consistent lead generation. Your business where you are the #1 authority in your market for your specific niche. Your business that gives you the freedom and flexibility to live the life of your dreams. You have already put in a ton of work hard to build the foundation of your content marketing machine! Now it’s time to stack more content each month and exponentially grow your business πŸ™‚

We will keep the Facebook group open through the end of this month. Continue to help and support each other on your journey to market domination!

Over the next 60 or more days…

  • Continue to run ads on Facebook for inexpensive buyer leads that you nurture with a follow-up content
  • Make at least 1 new VideoPost per week. It’s easier for many to block out one hour per month or 30 min per week to get them all done. Spend the time today to plan out your content for the next 4 weeks. What keywords will you focus on? What will your videos be about? What other minimal info/prep work do you need for your videos?
  • Check out our weekly coaching calls Tuesday at 11am Pacific at We have a call dedicated to Agents once a month.

Through the rest of the year…

  • Continue making VideoPosts. Keep at 1 per week or ramp it up to 2-4 per week once you get the hang of it! You will get results either way!
  • Add new written and video testimonials to your Carrot site as they come in.
  • Let us know when you close deals through Carrot for free swag! It inspires us to hear success stories over and over again!
  • Always ask for help through our Carrot Support channel
  • Continue to join our weekly coaching calls and ask your questions πŸ™‚
  • Give back to the world, your community, your family and yourself…and
  • Never give up!