Day 4 – Choosing Keywords & Tracking

Day 4

Welcome To Day 4 Of The Investor Challenge!

The purpose of today is to do a dive into keywords for your motivated seller site. Watch the video above where Tim will guide on he quickly does keyword research…

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SEO Keyword Research

  1. Choose 1 Primary location to focus on. An example could be “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania” or “Montgomery County TX” or “Plainfield NJ”.
  2. Next review what the most common phrases are that people search for selling distressed properties.
  3. Decide on at least 3 location specific pages. For example in Philadelphia that could be “Germantown Philadelphia”, “South Philadelphia” & “Fishtown Philadelphia”
  4. Use Google Suggested Keyword feature to determine which keywords to choose. If it doesn’t show up, then most likely it isn’t being searched by enough people to spend time on.
  5. These keywords will be very important, because we will use them in the future to build out location pages and create Niche VideoPosts. We will be revisiting them soon!

Some additional resources you can review.

Set Up Your Keyword Tracking

One of the coolest features we have at Carrot is our internal tool that allows us to track how your site is ranking in google’s search results.

When you first launch your site you’re definitely going to be pretty far back in the rankings, unless you’re in a small or non-competitive market.

But, over time you’ll be able to see your site slowly moving up the rankings as your continue to work on your ongoing SEO.

Until you start reaching the sweet land of page 1.

Then the real struggle begins as you try to pick off those top 5, then top 3, then top spot in googles search results.

The keyword rankings tracker allows you to see this process overtime.

Today we’re going to pick the keywords you want to track for your site.

What To Track

Depending on which subscription you have you’ll have to narrow down what keyword you want to follow.

  • Core – track 0 keywords
  • Content Pro – track 3 keywords
  • Advance Marketer – track 20 keywords

For a motivated seller site you’ll probably want to track the following 3 keywords.

  • we buy houses in [target market]
  • sell my house fast in [target market]
  • cash home buyers in [target market]

You’ll notice that you don’t want to track just We Buy Houses by itself, without the target market behind it because you’ll be competing agains all the nationwide wholesaling companies like

  • We buy ugly houses
  • Express Home Buyers
  • HomeInvestors
  • Etc.

But, if you only target for example, We Buy Houses In Philadelphia you’ll be tracking against your local competition.

Additional Phrases For Advanced Marketers

For those of you on the advanced marketer plan you’ll definitely want to track for the above three, but you’ll have a few additional cools options. Also remembering to put in [your target market] afterwords.

  • You should probably track your company name.
  • You could start tracking city specific areas in your market as well to see how they’re doing against your broader market for the main phrases above. For example…
    • sell my house fast in [location #2]
  • stop foreclosure
  • home buyers
  • foreclosure help
  • cash for houses
  • sell my home fast
  • house buyers
  • avoid foreclosure
  • stopping foreclosure
  • cash for my house
  • selling a house in probate

Day 4 Action Plan:

  1. Post in the FB group 1 thing you can be more intentional about in your life!
  2. Choose 3 keywords you want to rank for and post those 3 keywords in the Facebook group!
  3. Setup Your Keyword Tracking for those keywords.


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