Day 8 – Catch Up & Additional Edits

Day 8   Catch Up

Welcome to Week 2 – Day 8! Additional Personalization & Editing Your Site

Today follows up on day 7 and focuses primarily on the content and copy of your pages.

Hopefully you have spent some time already going through and personalizing the site, but we want to make sure and give you an extra day to get caught up and dig in a little more on trying to make it your own.

Later on in our 30 day challenge we’re going to do a deeper dive on editing content for SEO purposes and all that entails.

Today we still want you to be getting familiar with what it actually says on your site and changing it up a bit so that you’ll have a unique site in both your visitor’s eyes and in google’s eyes.

Navigating The Back End Of Your Site

Probably the quickest way to learn how to edit the content would be to watch the video on updating content in our guide.

Content | Give The Site Your Voice – Watch This Video

She’ll dive deep into a lot of the options and things you can do within the content editor and how to get to the places you’d like to be.

Once you have a solid understanding of how to edit the content take 10 – 20 minutes and navigate through the site as if you were a visitor.

Look at content you might like to edit and start taking notes of places you can change or ideas you have to improve the content.

Have a pen and paper out as your review your site.

For example on the home page you might want to put a quick 3 step process about how your wholesaling process works.

Or you might want to introduce yourself on your home page.

Or you might simply want to look at areas you think are too clunky or don’t match your voice.

Day 8 Action Steps

  1. Watch video on editing your site.
  2. Give yourself an editing goal
    1. For example – “I’m going to change at least 25% of the content on each page on my main menu.”
  3. Review your site and take note of changes you want to make
  4. Start editing!
  5. Share your new pages in the facebook group and see what other people are doing with their sites.
  6. If you need to catch up on any previous work, today’s the day to do it, or take a break 🙂


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