Phase 2 – Driving Traffic To Your Agent Site And Getting Leads

Welcome to Phase 2 of The Agent Guide! 2

We’ve broken Phase Two into 6 key areas you should work through to set your online presence apart from any other agent in the market and to start pulling in leads.

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Using Your Expertise With Our Platform

Part 1 – Let's take a moment to set your mindset up for success

Let's explain how we can help you accomplish what you want to accomplish with your online presence.

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Securing a Niche You Can "Own"

Part 2 – Locking in a market that you can serve better than any other agent can

Find out how to choose an effective niche that you enjoy serving. This is how you really set your self apart from the other agents in your market.

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Building Content To Support Your Niche

Part 3 – Amplify your online presence by showing you're the expert

Each agent who signs up with us is an expert in some niche or another. How do you show that? You build out content to showcase your expertise even if you've never closed a deal.

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Taking Advantage Of Social Media

Part 4 -- Learn how to take advantage of free resources you have at your disposal

Every agent knows they need to be using social media, but not many know how to fully take advantage of it. Make sure you're one of the agents who does by going through this section.

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Using Facebook Ads To Drive Site Traffic

Part 5 – This is where it all comes together. Implement these easy-to-follow ad strategies.

Whether you're a Facebook marketing expert with a plethora of knowledge, or someone who's brand new to the Facebook game, we'll help you get your site in front of that starving audience.

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Using A Nurture Sequence to Get Deals

Part 6 – Learn how to follow up with your leads to get the most bang for your buck.

The majority of deals are made outside of the initial contact you have with your clients. Learn how to effectively follow up with your prospects.