Drive Traffic To Your Site With Facebook Ads

The world of online marketing has always been a bit of an enigma. Thankfully we’re going to cover that right now to clear up some of the confusion you may have.

Up until this point in the guide, we’ve been talking about content marketing, and while content marketing is great for the long term health of your business, it’s not the best way to get leads if you’re looking to get them immediately.

Not every marketing method is going to fit into your business model. In fact, most marketing methods likely won’t fit into your business model. For that reason, we’re going to focus on what we know is one of the most effective ways of marketing your site as an agent.

What Method Is The Most Effective?

Although every agent is different, we’ve found Facebook Ads seems to be the way to go for agents. We could give you the details on why the Facebook Ad platform works better for agents over Google Ads and other methods of PPC, but we’ll spare you the marketing jargon and jump right to the end result.

Due to the competition for various different keyword phrases in Adwords compared to Facebook Ads, you’ll end up spending way less per lead on Facebook Ads than you will on Adwords. For that reason, we’re going to focus heavily on a killer Facebook Ads strategy here to get you pulling in cheap leads.

Facebook Ads

You all know what Facebook is, and you all know about Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads uses a pay-per-click structure that charges you per click you get. It’s a pretty simple concept. Put up your ad and only pay if someone clicks it.

Unfortunately, using Facebook Ads effectively is a complicated process.

Thankfully, we’ve put together a couple of different strategies for getting buyer and seller leads.

Pulling in Buyer Leads With Facebook Ads

If you’re looking for a killer method on how to get very cheap Facebook buyer leads (about a buck) using Facebook Ads, look no further. Our strategy walks you through all of the steps from creating the landing page, to setting up the campaign in Facebook Ads, to setting your autoresponse email for maximum conversions.

We really wanted to de-mystify the beast that is Facebook Ads, and this video does a great job at doing that. Even if you’re not tech-savvy in the least bit, all you have to do is follow the same clicks we do in the video to get the leads coming in.

Click the below image for the 5 part video series!

Using Facebook Ads For Seller Leads

Additionally, there’s another strategy we’ve seen working well for agents. This focuses on pulling in leads for sellers instead of buyers.

The bulk of the strategy is the exact same as the video listed above, but the landing page will be set up differently so the copy reflects a free home valuation report instead of a specific property listing. You can check out that landing page tutorial here!

Utilizing Landing Pages With Your Facebook Ads

One last thing before heading to the next section. It’s absolutely imperative that you’re using a landing page in conjunction with your Facebook Ads.

While sending traffic directly to your home page may work for investors, it’s a completely different beast when it comes to agents. Because the life span of a deal for an agent is so much longer than an investor, you have to make sure you’re using landing pages to lock in your leads’ info so you can nurture them into a settlement later on!

The above 2 videos give you two strategies for creating landing pages, but if you want some more general info on creating landing pages and your landing page editor, you can check out this video!

Adding A Facebook Pixel For Retargeting

Keep in mind that if you don’t follow either above strategy, you should still add a Facebook Pixel to your site to help with retargeting if you plan on using Facebook Ads at all. If you don’t know how to do that, here’s a tutorial!


Now that you have a couple of great strategies for pulling in leads from your site using Facebook Ads, it’s time to learn how to nurture your leads using an email sequence in our next and last section! Head on over when you’re ready 🙂