Securing a Niche That You Can Own

Effective Strategies For Location Pages with Agent Carrot

So, you’ve got your site set up to reflect who you are as an agent. It’s looking good and credible, and you’re ready to start driving traffic to your new site. Most agents are going to start getting anyone they can to look at their website.

They figure that the more people who see the website, the more leads they get, the more money in the pocket — after all, who wouldn’t think that right?

The problem is, they start putting energy and funds into marketing, but they don’t know who they’re marketing to.

They end up blowing a ton of resources on the wrong audience, and while they end up with 200 visitors to their site in the first couple of weeks, they don’t get any leads because the visitors weren’t the right audience.

How do you avoid this situation and avoid the same disastrous path as every other agent?

You secure a niche (or a couple of niches) so that you know exactly who your audience is. Knowing your real estate niche and your audience by extension is going to be the most effective way at maximizing the return on the resources your spending, whether it’s money, time, or both.

You may have no idea how to choose a real estate niche, but it’s very likely you already have one and you just didn’t know it yet!

In this section of the guide, we’re going to help you figure out what your niche is by asking a few guided questions.

How Do I Find My Real Estate Niche?

Like we mentioned earlier, you probably already have a niche and just didn’t know it. Take a look at your past clients. If you haven’t worked with any clients yet, no worries. Just ask yourself these questions anyways, and answer them to the best of your abilities.

What sub-markets within your marketing area have you…

  • Had success in?
  • Enjoyed working in? (or would enjoy working in)
  • Heard is a hot market?

Your niche can be as simple as serving a particular location. In Roseburg, houses on the North Umpqua River are particularly popular. Agents who are experts in dealing with these properties have had no issues getting to the closing table here. Maybe there’s a particular neighborhood in your city that’s booming right now. Make yourself an expert on the neighborhood and bam! You’re rolling in the leads.

What sort of people do you like to work with?

Do you like working with first time home buyers? Maybe you like working with people who are ready to retire and want to buy their “forever” home. Have you had success working with first-time parents who are considering school districts? Really evaluate who’ve you’ve worked with in the past (or who you want to work within the future) and lock down that niche.

How do you want to provide value to people?

Do you want to help people who are wanting a nice secluded house with not a neighbor in sight? How about people who enjoy hiking and want some nearby scenic routes? Maybe you used to be in the medical profession, and know the best place to live in a town that’s a 5 minutes drive to the hospital and 3 blocks away from a scrubs store. Any way you provide value to someone can be used to build a niche!

Are there any other patterns that you’ve noticed about people you’ve worked with?

You don’t need to know the “why”, but sometimes you just happen to work with people in a particular group. Do you tend to work with people in their early 20s? Maybe you work with families with 2 sons. There are loads of different patterns you may have noticed with the people you work with that we’d never even be able to think of. Use those similarities to lock down your niche!

You might be worried that you’re limiting yourself by focusing on a specific group of people. We understand your concern. Just remember, choosing a niche doesn’t mean you won’t work with people outside of it. It just means that you have a targeted audience that you’re marketing to in order to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

Now that you’ve got a niche in your mind (or multiple niches) we’ll focus on building up your website to showcase your expertise with that particular niche so you can set your self apart from the other agents who are saturating the market!