Using A Nurture Sequence To Lock In The Deals

Welcome to the final section of the agent guide!

By this point, you’ve learned how Carrot fits into your business model, how to choose a niche, how to build content to support that niche, and how to drive traffic to your site with video marketing and Facebook Ads. That’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s still one more section…

And it’s probably the most important one for agents.

As an agent, you know that the majority of your deals will be closed by building a relationship with the client after your initial contact.

Unless you’re getting the lead as a referral from someone else who your supposed client trusts, you’ll need to work on establishing yourself as a credible agent. This is typically not done over the course of one interaction, but rather many small interactions.

If you’ve been following our guide so far, your site should already be set up to showcase your credibility and expertise. This should open the door for you. Now you just need to close the deal over the long game, and for that, we recommend using an email nurture sequence.

Using A Nurture Sequence

If you’re not familiar with the term “nurture sequence,” all it means is a sequence of emails that are “dripped” to your leads over the course of a specific period of time.  The purpose of said sequence is to nurture your leads so they turn into deals, hence the aptly named term “nurture sequence”.

Here’s the trick. To have a good nurture sequence, you have to provide value to the people who are receiving your emails. You do that by providing content that’s relevant to their specific situation. Thankfully you should have all of that content already.

If you followed our content pyramid, then you’ve already created some niche videos. We’re going to be using those now to build out your nurture sequence so you’re always in the back of the mind of your prospective clients.

There are many different ways to run a nurture sequence, but I’ll be giving you our preferred sequence of emails that we’ve found works the best.

This sequence should be implemented for anyone who fills out a form on your location pages, and each nurture sequence you have should be directly relevant to the specific location page the form was filled out on. For example, if someone fills out the form on your North Umpqua River Homes location page, then your nurture sequence should contain videos and content about purchasing a home on the North Umpqua River. Make sense?

Here’s our preferred flow!

  1. After someone fills out a form on your location page, send them a starter message that tells them you’re going to add them to your email list that sends updates on whatever niche they showed interest in. If the location page the member showed interest in was a location page for first-time home buyers, it might read something like “Hey again! Since you’re looking to buy your first house I wanted to add you to my email list for first time home buyers! I’ll be sending you updates every so often on the market for first time home buyers. Get in touch with me if you have any questions!”
  2. Over the next 30 days, send them a series of the niche videos you created earlier. These should be sent out every few days until you’ve used up all of your videos. At the bottom of each message make sure to include some sort of call to action driving them to connect with you. Here’s an example “Thinking of buying your first home? Here are 5 things you may want to consider if you’ve never bought a home before! Get in touch with me if you have any questions on buying your first home”
  3. Every 90 days, send a short “9-word email” to reengage interest. Here’s an article on the 9-word email if you want to learn how to craft one that catches peoples attention! “Are you still looking to buy your first home?”
  4. In addition to the above steps, you’ll want to have a second nurture campaign going for all of your lists. This campaign will send out a monthly market update to everyone on every list. If you happen to have a commonality among all of your different niches, then feel free to take advantage of that, (for example, if you find that the people who tend to be in your niches also tend to be first time home buyers, feel free to use that in your message) but the content should be relatable to all of your niches. The goal here is not to necessarily build your credibility, but rather stay top of mind with any of your prospective clients. For example, “Prices for first time home buyer range have dropped 5% this past month, which makes this a solid buying opportunity!”

That’s it for our preferred flow! If you implement these steps, you’re sure to have a nurture sequence that builds credibility, keeps you on the top of the minds of your leads, and helps you get to the closing table!


If you’re reading this, it either means you’ve completed (or skipped to the end of) the guide!

You now have the knowledge to not only pull in leads but also scale your agent business and set yourself up for success in the long term.

You should be feeling much more confident about where Carrot fits in with your business model.

Now that you have that knowledge, you’re ready to get started on the next step of your journey with us! If you do have any questions regarding what you’ve learned, reach out to our support staff using our chat feature in the lower right-hand corner at

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We’re excited to help you grow your business to a level you never thought possible. Good luck 🙂