On-The-Job Authority Content

Carrot’s Automated Content Library, Researching Keywords for Content Curation

On-The-Job-Content is documenting what you’re already doing. You don’t need fancy cameras. You don’t need a big budget. You don’t need a lot of time. You just need to shift your mindset to recognize when you’re doing things that your target market would find interesting, valuable, educational, and useful and then create content on those topics. 

We’re not going over that type of “brand” content in this guide. We’re hyper-focusing on content that attracts your ideal clients when they’re searching for solutions online.  The brand type of content is GREAT content to serve up in front of them once they land on your site or to retarget them on FB so they see you’re real people, relatable, and trustworthy.

There are several ways to get this content on your Carrot Authority Hub. Most of the plans even have ways we helped automate content to save you hours per week. We’ll start with the simplest and go to the more advanced. 

Automated Content Library – Simplest

Launch an automated Content Pack on each site. Google looks for web pages with robust content that is relevant to the search someone typed in. The best way to rank in Google is to write out a 500-1000 word article on a topic your prospects are searching for. Examples below. However, if you don’t’ like writing, use our automated Content Packs where we do the research and writing for you.  You can log in monthly and schedule up all of your content in less than 5 minutes. 

How to schedule content with the Content Library

How to Get the Most from Your Content Packs

Action: Publish 1 Content Pack per week, published on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.


Turn your 3-8 minute videos into robust Authority content automatically with VideoPost. One of our favorite ways to get high-quality content Google and our customers love is by recording short videos (often on my cell phone), uploading them to YouTube, then adding them to the VideoPost feature in Carrot. Our system then takes the video, automatically transcribes it behind the scenes, and creates a full written blog post for you complete with a title, your video, and the text.  This can be a crazy effective way to rank well in Google where your best clients are searching and build Authority with content unique to you all in under 10 minutes per week. 

Make a VideoPost in Under 10 Minutes 

Optimization your VideoPost

Action: Do 1 VideoPost per week that is 3-8 minutes long (less than that it won’t rank in Google, more than 8 minutes the page will be extremely hard for a visitor to read)

Download our Video Marketing Playbooks

Researching Keywords Using Google Suggested Search

We’ve all heard the phrase that we’re not supposed to make fun and creative videos… but there’s a caveat to this. A great agent or investor should find opportunities to create content that isn’t just to answer questions but also to entertain, show you’re a real person, show your personality, show how you support the community.

Have questions on what type of content you should create? It’s an extremely common question. Don’t sweat it. We like to remove guessing or creativity from the mix and just create content on what Google tells us people are searching.

Here is a quick and free way to come up with content ideas:

  1. Decide which niche/client type you’re wanting to get in front of
  2. Search in Google things you think they may search
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of Google to look at the “related searches”
  4. Those are all things actual people search each month, and each could be a great content idea. 

Then, take those searches from Google and either write a blog post or create a short video on the related topics while saying some of the keywords in the video.

Make one the base of your title on your Carrot blog and/or VideoPost and in YouTube title.

Rinse and repeat. 

These are the results you’d be aiming for:

Moving Forward…

You’ve built your first Niche/Location pages. You’ve scheduled up your first Content Packs from the Automated Blog Library (Advanced Marketer Plan has premium packs fewer people use and with pictures. Try it out!). And you have some content ideas. Hopefully, you’ve done your first VideoPost! 

Now that you have the overall content plan, it’s time to track your progress and then we’ll start getting quick traffic and leads in the next section. Remember, what’s not measured can’t be improved. 

Remember, this is what you’re building. Be patient and execute the plan.