Set Your Site Apart w/ Design

Make your site stand out. You can differentiate your site by updating 4 main items.

You can instantly build rapport and set yourself apart from other businesses in your market by branding your site visually. These key things make a massive difference when it comes to personalizing your site to set yourself apart: logo, colors, hero image, and overall site design

How to Stand Apart

Carrot has 4 site designs anyone can use, and 2 premium site designs for Advanced Marketer members.

Below, you’ll see 4 home pages from different companies, all using the same site design from Carrot. These sites elicit a different response because they use their logo, changed colors to match their brand, switched up the form’s location in the hero section, added a credibility bar, and switched the hero image (the large one on the home page that you immediately see).

There’s more than one design!

Now that you’ve seen how one design can be changed based on a few changes, we hope you’ll be inspired by ways you can make your site stand out in your market. Below are some more examples of designs available for use.

These last 2 designs use premium designs reserved for Advanced Marketers.

Ready to get started?

We’ve listed tutorials below to walk you through each step to personalize your site. Have fun with this process and play with the designs, your logo, images, and colors. For a little additional info, check out our article on 13 ways to differentiate your site!

Here’s a quick list of tutorials that you can follow to personalize your site and build great rapport with your visitors.

Now that you have changed the look and feel of your site, let’s get your domain attached!