The Market Shift + Why A Shift In Strategy Is Required

How the real estate industry is changing and how you need to adjust your strategy.

The real estate industry is shifting. Tech giants and iBuyers are trying to squeeze out mom and pop agents and investors. And with a hot market, there’s more agents and investors on the streets competing for the same deals. You want to stand out from the crowd and the existing tools just help you automate stuff every other agent or investor puts out.

You also are tired of having to get a gazillion unqualified leads to close a deal. More leads = more time and expense to sift through the tire kickers. Inbound Online marketing with Carrot’s content is the answer. It attracts your most qualified prospects who are motivated to solve their problem. They convert from visitor to lead between 2-4 times higher… and lead to deal closed from 2-3 times higher. Resulting in lower lead volume but more profits and less hassle.

You can see direct traffic and social traffic get more visits than organic search but organic search converts twice as much and it’s more than half the traffic direct and social receive.

So you get more leads by building a site designed to rank high in search engines than you would if you just focused on direct and social traffic. Those are also important but we believe in the power of organic traffic. After all, year-after-year, it outperforms all conversions since the launch of Carrot.


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