Creating A Retargeting Campaign

If there is anything you take away from this guide of Facebook Ads it should be the POWER IN RETARGETING. Retargeting gives you the ability to be in the right place at the right time. They say it can take on average 7 or more encounters with a business before a lead converts. Retargeting is how you stay in front of each interested customer until they are ready to move forward. Retargeting also helps all of your marketing convert at a higher rate so you aren’t generating interest but then losing your potential leads to your competitors.

To start creating your Retargeting Campaign you can follow the steps outlined here paired with the advice below.

Remember the first step is to choose the objective of your campaign. For most Retargeting Campaigns the Conversions Objective will be the most effective at generating leads. At the campaign level of your ads, you will need to turn on the Special Ad Category and select “housing” or your ad account will be shut down. If you’d like to know more about Special Ad Categories click here.

Next, creating the Ad Set for the Retargeting Campaign, you are going to want to select all of your Custom Audiences. This is how you select your campaign’s targeting. You can break each Ad Set out by Custom Audience if your Custom Audiences are larger than 3,000 per audience. If you don’t do this, we recommend combining your custom audiences in the same Ad Set until that point.

Remember you can not target age or gender demographics due to the Special Ad Category & there is a 15-mile radius minimum on your geographical location targeting.

Following the creation of your Ad Set, it is now time to create your ad. Be sure to follow the Media Recommendations when you start creating each aspect of your ad.

Once done with the creation, click “Publish” and your ads will go through a short review process before turning on.