Placing a FB Pixel

In order to run any type of Facebook Ad that sends traffic to your website, you need to make sure your Facebook Pixel (Tracking Code) is placed correctly on your Carrot website. Placing your Facebook Pixel on your website is a lot easier than you think. Follow the steps below to place your Facebook Pixel.

  1. Get your Facebook Pixel code
  2. Name Your Pixel
  3. Choose the option to manually install and copy the code
  4. Paste the Facebook Pixel in the header box of the tracking and analytics tab in the Settings of your carrot website & hit save in the bottom right-hand corner. Tutorial here.

Next Place your lead event code fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’); in the code underneath ‘PageView’ and place the entire code in the tracking codes box of your step-2 page and hit update. It’s a Per Page Script, tutorial here, specifically the bottom section of the page.