Creating a Business Page & Ad Account

How to create a Business Page

In order to start setting up your Facebook Ads, you have to have a Facebook page and Ads Manager. You will need to set up a Facebook Business page before creating your ads. You can set up your Business page by following the steps outlined here.

Optional* You can also create your Business Page side-by-side as one of our preferred Facebook Marketing Agencies shows you how.

After creating your Business Facebook Page you’ll need to create an ad account often referred to as the Facebook ads manager-where you can create and manage your Facebook ads. You can set up your Facebook ad account by following the steps outlined here.

Facebook Ads Manager

There are three sections to the Facebook Ads Manager: Campaigns, Ad Sets & Ads.

Campaign: This is the objective level or strategy of the campaign. This is where you set your goal for what you want your ads to do.

Ad Set: This is where you determine your target audience and placement of your ads. You can have multiple ad sets within the same campaign if they are following the same goal or strategy.

Facebook Budget

When setting your budget we recommend setting a daily budget per active campaign that you will be running. Your budget will vary per person and per market but a recommended budget for all 3 strategies (brand awareness, Lead Generation/Conversions, & Retargeting) combined would be:

Minimum $500/month

Average $1000/month

Advanced $2000+/month 

* note if you choose to only run one strategy you can lower your budget based on your goals.


Campaign Budgets Vs. Ad Set Budgets

If you are running multiple ad sets in a single campaign you can select the campaign budget option so that Facebook will help allocate your overall budget to the ad set that is giving you the best results. An Ad set budget will only spend the allocated amount per ad set that you have selected.

If you’d like more information on Facebook billing and the options you have click here.