Driving Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization

Driving Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A lot of people who are just getting started out and don’t have much of a budget will want to do SEO to generate leads.

We think everyone who has a site should be working on their SEO, but we want to make sure you understand what it takes and how long it takes to get leads through SEO. We like to think of this as your SEO Primer call, or what you’ll want to know to get started gaining momentum increasing your site’s rankings. Let’s dive in! 

Phase 2: Using SEO To Gain Momentum And Grow Profits

So what does it take.

Getting Leads Through SEO

The way to generate consistent leads through SEO is to get your page to show up on page one of google’s results, preferably in the top 5 spots, for your key phrases, such as…

  • We buy houses fast in
  • Sell my house fast in
  • Cash home buyers in
  • Etc…

Again, you need to be in the top 5 spots to consistently generate leads through SEO.

How do I get to the top of Google’s search results?

Getting to the top of Google’s search results takes consistent work. You have to remember that a lot of people are competing for those top spots, but we’ve had people every day at Carrot who create a new site and overtime get into those top 5 or top 3 spots and take over a market.

It’s incredible to see and if you put in the work truly anyone can do it.

So what does it take.

On-site optimization

On-site optimization is the work you do on the site itself. And includes items like…

  • Rewriting your content so it’s unique
  • Localizing your site so it’s specific to your target market or markets
  • Adding videos
  • Creating content through blog posts or new pages

Off-site optimization

Off-site optimization is the work you do on other sites that aren’t your own. This primarily includes..

  • Creating citations
  • Building backlinks to your site
  • Social bookmarking

SEO isn’t something that just happens automatically. It takes work to get to those top 5 spots and you need to consistently work to make it happen.

What’s The Expected Time Commitment?

You’re probably wondering how much of a time commitment this will take.

Month One – SEO Foundation

Doing it yourself (5-10 hours)

  • citations,
  • training,
  • social shares,
  • adding keywords to track,
  • updating content

Outsourcing your citations = 5-hour savings

You can outsource your citation building here

SEO Long Term

Self serve:

Between learning and executing your SEO expect the following

  • 3-8 hours per week to invest in first 6 months.
  • After it’s 1-2 hours per week.


Save 100% of your time

You can hire an assistant to do this work and guide them or you can hire a full time SEO provider to do this for you.

You can take a look at our marketplace for third party providers as well as researching SEO firms in your area.

How Long Till I See Results?

This is not an exact science and every market is different, but we do have a few guidelines (if you’re doing the work) based on the size of your market.

  • Small Market:
    • Less than 200,000:
    • 2-12 weeks
  • Mid-sized Market:
    • 200,000 – 1,000,000:
    • 2-6 months
  • Larger Market:
    • 1 million +
    • 6 or more months

Again these a just guidelines, and also are only reliable if you are doing the work or have someone else doing the work for you.

How Do I Know What To Do?

There are hundreds of books and articles written on the subject. But we’ve created and amazing training specifically for Carrot sites call the 3 Lead Per Day Training.

Check out the 3 Lead Per Day Training Here

We walk you through the basics of SEO all the way through the strategies of backlink building, citation creation, video marketing etc…

If you’re committed to doing the SEO yourself, we highly recommend you order the 3 Lead Per Day Training and block out some time over the next month to really dig in and get to work.

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