Phase 1 – Getting Your Website Right (Legacy Version)

(adding nutrients to the soil)

Time To Complete: 20 mins+ (depending on how much personalization you wish to do)

Personalizing your websites give them your unique touch, brand, story, and enhance your credibility. The key is not to reinvent the wheel but focus on giving your own unique spin to the websites vs. trying to make them look completely different.


Our most successful members don’t spend too much time personalizing their websites.  They… 

  1. Launch a website
  2. Attach a domain name
  3. Tweak / personalize the content
  4. Start marketing to get the leads quickly
    Following this Checklist

If you want to go hog wild and personalize it more… just follow our recommendations in Phase 1, it will help you be efficient in your efforts.


“I had a buyers website but it was not converting and I thought SEO meant SPECIAL EXPLOSIVE OPERATOR. Then I chose Investor Carrot and was introduced to a whole new world… Investor Carrot systems flat out work, when done according to the Carrot team teaches. There are so many gurus out there that are a poster child for the idiom “Those that can’t do, teach. ” InvestorCarrot and the team is totally the opposite. Keep up the fantastic training!” – Roger Liselmple