Tweak Your Branding / Look And Feel

Spice up the look of your website with some simple “branding” tweaks… starting with your colors, logo, and layout!

These Quick And Simple Branding Tweaks Will Get You Off On The Right Foot!

One of the cool things you can do with your InvestorCarrot website system is make it look the way you want it to. Change the colors, upload a logo, change the structure, and more! We’ve built this system with conversion in mind which is why we don’t offer dozens of “templates” like the other guys do (why would we offer templates we know don’t convert as well as another? Makes no sense right?).  So, take our stock template and tweak it to look the way you want. 

Start here. Don’t get caught up too much in thinking you have to change everything… most of our users who are seeing the best results actually haven’t changed much on their sites (they focus their time on driving traffic).

Below is a video that gives you a good overview of the different easy ways you can brand your site… and below the video are links to tutorials showing you how to do the most common “branding” changes you can quickly and easily do in just minutes.

(click video to play – NOTE: Links to other branding tutorials are below the video)

Branding Your Website To  Fit Your Business

Add Your Own Logo To Your Website


Note: This tutorial covers how to personalize your Carrot sites created before May 2016. If your site was created on Carrot V.2 (After April 2016), then some of these screenshots and videos will look different from the ones you are viewing. Head here to learn how to customize your V.2 site.