Launching A Website

How To Get Your First Website Launched In Seconds!

Picking A Website To Launch

We suggest picking the website that you need the most in your business first, and launching that one today. If you need cash buyers the most, launch a cash buyer or main company site. If you need sellers, launch a motivated seller website. And so on. If you’re a wholesaler, we suggest launching a Cash Buyer or Motivated Seller website first. You can always delete or add websites as you go in your account… so don’t be afraid of messing things up

Note: Are you wondering how to view your site? It’s okay. We get that a lot. ^_^ Find out how by clicking this link!

Step #1: Login Into Your Account page:

“Create a New Site” and choose the site type based on the type of lead you want to generate.

Screenshot on 25-May-16 at 16.31.09

If you’ve already added a site, and have more sites available, you’ll need to take one more step before seeing this screen, click the “Add a Site” link to see the above screen. Here’s an image of what to click first:

Screenshot on 25-May-16 at 16.48.01

If you do not have any sites available and want to upgrade, rather than delete any of your sites, you’ll need to upgrade your membership first.


Step #2:  Name Your Site And Click “Create Your Site”!

Please note that your site’s title will be your default text logo until you upload your logo. You can take a demo tour prior to launching the site. Once you’re ready, click “Create Your Site!”. Our system will build your website in about 10 seconds, complete with your company info and market city you entered upon signing up for InvestorCarrot. You can update your company information if it differs from site to site.

Screenshot on 25-May-16 at 16.32.09


Now you’ll see your new website in your account!

We’ve included arrows to the information we feel you will access the most upon first signing up for InvestorCarrot! Please reach out to us if you have any questions, start to feel frustrated, have feedback or suggestions, or anything else. We’d love to hear from you!

Screenshot on 25-May-16 at 16.37.03

#1) Attach a Domain

#2) Edit the Content of Your Pages and Forms

#3) Edit Your Site’s Style

#4) Find Help with Tutorials