Add Some Local Pictures To Your Website

A great way to make your website look different + increase the effectiveness is to add local pictures.

Let’s Update A Few Pictures!

Here are a couple quick things you can do to make big visual impacts on the look and feel of your website… and also increase the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors into leads even more than our system already does.

Time To Complete: 15-45 mins per site (this step isn’t required, but recommended to maximize results)

Update Your Home Page Pictures (optional but recommended)

Pictures are the quickest way to make a big dramatic difference on your website to make your website look different than others, and add more “local flair” to your website.

You can start with going through your website and finding pictures that we already have on there… and swapping out a couple of our pictures with your own. It could be changing the pictures of properties to ones that are representative of properties in your area to start.

Update Your “Hero Image” On Your Home Page

At the top of most Carrot websites we have a section that we call the “Hero Section”. This section has a background image, a black text box on the left, and usually an opt in form on the right side.

You can easily update the background image in your hero image quickly and easily to “localize” your home page with a more local Hero Image.  Head over here to the Hero Section Tutorial to learn how to update your Hero Section image.

What type of picture should I use?

For a motivated seller site, the ideal picture would be a local neighborhood or a house in the area you have bought.

*Tip – Don’t chose a house picture that is “too nice.” – You don’t want someone assuming you only buy houses that are “nice” looking or in good condition only.

For a cash buyer / main company site, just as we mention for the seller site, chose a picture that represents the area and a picture that communicates the type of properties you offer.  If you are a wholesaler, put a picture of a fixer upper property or if you rehab properties and sell directly to home buyers, use a picture of a finished rehab.

Should I buy a stock photo?

You could but you want to keep it “real.”  One way to get real pictures is simply using your smartphone. Plus the image size created on smartphone are normally large so it’s easy to scale down the picture vs. trying to up size up a stock photo.

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