Add Your First Testimonial

Testimonials can dramatically enhance your credibility and improve your lead flow. Let’s get your first one in!

First off… let’s nip this one in the bud.  You don’t have to have a ton of experience to get great testimonials. You can still get great testimonials even if you are a newbie and haven’t close your first deal 🙂

Time To Complete: 5 mins

First, open up our tutorial on How To Add Testimonials to your Carrot website.  We’re going to get your first testimonial onto your website within the next 5-10 minutes.

As we mentioned in the overview of this section, credibility can make a big impact on how effective your website is. But too many real estate investors and agents get stuck thinking that they have to have a lot of experience in order to have testimonials. Not true.

So let’s break it down, no matter your experience level, how you’ll add your first testimonials this week.

What Is In A Good Testimonial?

Ideally, testimonials should show the website visitor why you are a good, honest, ethical, and effective person to work with.  You don’t have to have done 100 deals to be able to be an honest and trustworthy person who is able to help a seller sell their house fast. Right? So get testimonials on your website that give people a good glimpse of who you are as a person, your ethics, honesty, knowledge, etc.

If you have done deals, work to get testimonials from every client you work with (buyers, sellers, tenants, lenders, etc.).  Ask them about their experience, what they loved, what you can improve on, and how you helped them (as specific as possible).

Then you can use those in your marketing as you go.

For In-Experienced Investors / Agents

If you haven’t done any deals yet and think you can’t add any good testimonials to your websites, I always advise clients to first get character-based testimonials.

We all know someone who can “vouch” for us such as a current or previous employer, Pastor, business associates, insurance person, banker, ect. These may have nothing to do with your experience in real estate at all… but 100% on the type of person you are and your integrity, honesty, and ethics.

Here are some examples of Character-Based testimonials:

“I have known Adrian for the last 3 years and know him to be a person of character”. – Jim Jimbo – Portland Businessman

“I been doing business with Adrian and he is a person who always come through.” – Jim Jimbo – Portland Homeowner

“When Adrian says he’ll do something, you can take that to the bank. He’s one of the most dependable and ethical people I’ve come across.” – Jim Jimbo – Portland United Way CEO

As you see, the testimonials don’t have to be just about closing deals… they can also focus on your character to help boost the credibility on your website.

Then, as you start to close deals… gather testimonials from your sellers, buyers, lenders, and tenants at the closing table about their experiences and start adding those to your website as you go!

Learn more about testimonials: