Part 4: Credibility | Build Your Brand

Building credibility is a big component of creating a high-converting website.

Think about it… You only work with people that you trust, right? Well, the same goes for your website visitors.

You need to be able to demonstrate to your visitors that you are an honest and trustworthy business and that you will be able to help them solve their problem.

But how do you do that?

We’ve already built in a few components that give you a head start, but there are a few key components we recommend you add and take advantage of.

Here’s a video to show you some examples of what these can look like on your site.

Carrot Guide: Phase 1 Part 4 - How to Build Your Brand and Set Credibility

0:25 – Using Credibility Boosters

4:27 – Examples

More on Building Your Credibility

One of the first things we recommend you do is add a few testimonials to your site.

Even if you haven’t done a single deal yet, you need to seek out someone who can provide a character reference for you. Someone who can attest to your honesty, hard work, care, etc.

  1. Add a testimonial to your site.

Next, we’d recommend taking advantage of the credibility bar. Make sure and watch the short video at the beginning of the following tutorial to learn how to use it.

2. Taking advantage of the credibility bar

You’ll also notice that several people will use widgets on their sites to either add credibility pieces such as BBB badges, veteran-owned business badges, reviews, introductions, etc. There’re multiple places you can add these badges and reviews. Some options are outlined in the video above. Feel free to reach out to support if you want to add these and aren’t sure how!

Another thing you can do is add images of properties you’ve helped people with, or add localized photos of the types of properties you want to help people with.

Now that you have changed the look and feel of your site, it’s time to add a domain.