Part 3: Content | Give The Site Your Voice

It is important that you update and change some of the content on your site. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, but you should make the site your own.

Carrot Guide: Phase 1 Part 3 - Three Ways to Update Your Content

More About How You Can Rank Content

We recommend changing about 20% of the pre-written copy to avoid ranking lower due to duplicate content issues with other Carrot sites.

There are a few key areas and pages we recommend you update and work on.

First and Foremost you need to introduce yourself and your business to your website visitors. Our research shows that that the 2nd most-visited page on Carrot sites is the “Our Company” or the “About Us” page.

If you need a little guidance here’s an article about writing a good bio!

  1. Add a personal or company bio to your “About Us” page.

Next you’ll want to take a look at your home page.

  1. Replace images with local photos and properties
  2. Personalize your content
  3. Update “Call Us” text

Let’s look at a few other key areas we suggest you update and put your own personal touch on.

  1. Personalize your auto-reply messages.
  2. Add properties to your site
  3. Schedule your first round of content packs

Lastly, you want to localize the site for your area.

  1. Strategy of Expanding your market
  2. Investors: How to expand your market
  3. Agents: How to expand your market

Now that you have changed the content of your site, it’s time to build your credibility as an expert and reliable source in your market.