Add Custom IDX Search

Agents should always have niche markets to position themselves as experts in that market. IDX custom searches allow you to provide a search that wouldn’t be able to be found using other software. For example, you couldn’t search for riverfront homes on Zillow but could create a custom map surrounding the river to display homes only in that area.

If you are looking to add a custom search to your MLS listings, you’re in the right place. This tutorial will guide you through how you can add this using a custom search through your IDX integration with Carrot. Please note, the team will need to set up a custom search for you if you have already completed the setup for your integration.

You can use this form to submit your request for a custom search. Custom searches can include locations and property features, such as a school district, new construction, gated community, and more.

Step 1: Add a classic block

While editing a page, click the “+ Add a Block” and choose the Formatting block “Classic.”

Step 2: Add the IDX report using the insert feature

If you want to set up a more custom listing report, you can do that using the IDX insert feature.

Step 3: Choose “Listings”

This should be the default setting.

Step 4: Choose “Listing Gallery”

Step 5: Choose “Listing Report”

Step 6: Choose your Listing Report Settings

*All listing settings in the above image are the recommended settings*

Select Market: This is the custom report name the success team sends to you once you submit your request

Select Sort Order: We recommend by listing date because your properties will always show with the most current listed (giving you more credibility as an active agent.)

Select Results Per Page. (We suggest 6 because 3 is best for full width and 2 if the sidebar is present. Since 6 encompasses both, this will display nicely no matter how your site is set up.)

Select Display Type

Include Map (this is up to you.)

Display Header (this displays a little menu.)

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