Add Custom IDX Search – Visual Editor

We recommend displaying your listings on the home page of your site. If you’re just getting started and/or don’t have many listings, and you are part of an overall brokerage, we recommend adding your broker’s listings to your home page. This way, you can focus the site on what you and your company offer.

However, you should also have location pages and niches on your site to position themselves as an expert in your market. These pages would have custom searches that provide a search unable to be found using other software. For example, you can create a custom search for riverfront homes, school districts, neighborhoods, homes with a specific amount of property, new builds, et cetera.

If you are looking to add a custom search to your MLS listings, this tutorial will guide you through how you can add this using a custom search through your IDX integration with Carrot.

Please note, the team will need to set up a custom search for you if you have already completed the setup for your integration. You can use this form to submit your request for a custom search. Custom searches can include locations and property features, such as a school district, new construction, gated community, and more.

Step 1: Add a classic block

While editing a page, click the “+ Add a Block” and choose the Formatting block “Classic.”

Step 2: Add the IDX report using the insert feature

If you want to set up a more custom listing report, you can do that using the IDX insert feature.

Step 3: Choose “Listings”

This should be the default setting.

Step 4: Choose “Listing Gallery”

Step 5: Choose “Listing Report”

Step 6: Choose your Listing Report Settings

*All listing settings in the above image are the recommended settings*

Select Market: This is the custom report name the success team sends to you once you submit your request

Select Sort Order: We recommend by listing date because your properties will always show with the most current listed (giving you more credibility as an active agent.)

Select Results Per Page. (We suggest 6 because 3 is best for full width and 2 if the sidebar is present. Since 6 encompasses both, this will display nicely no matter how your site is set up.)

Select Display Type

Include Map (this is up to you.)

Display Header (this displays a little menu.)

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