Building Home Value Landing Pages to Expand Your Market

If you’re looking to generate consistent leads as a real estate agent, one effective strategy is to use landing pages for niches in which you are an expert and can add value. This tutorial will guide you as a real estate agent through how to use a Landing Page on your AgentCarrot website and how landing pages fit into the overall strategy. These landing pages are a powerful marketing tool when it comes to focusing on the specific neighborhoods and locations you’re looking to buy in. These particular landing pages are easy to access and look great too! The more you’re able to tune in to your audience, the more likely you’re able to pull in leads, and this is a great way to focus on a particular neighborhood.

Let’s do it!

Video Walkthrough

How To Create Home Value Landing Pages

Step 1: Go To Your Site Dashboard

  1. Log into your Carrot account and click “Dashboard” on the site you wish to add to

Step 2: Duplicating the “What is Your Home Worth” form

  1. From the main Dashboard area, navigate to Content > Forms.
  2. Hover over the Do you Know What Your Area Home is Worth form and click “duplicate” to create a new copy of this form!

  1. Next, we’ll need to edit this copy that we just created. Hover over the copy and click on “Settings”

Then, on the following page, you should change the Title and Description to directly mention the Market Area you are creating the Value Report for. You’ll want to update the first two boxes “Form title” and “Form description” to read a new niche location you will be marketing in. Once updated, scroll to the bottom of that page and save your changes. As shown below:

Step 3: Duplicate your “Home Valuation” Page

  1. Go to Dashboard > Content > Pages and find the page titled “Home Valuation. Hover over it and click the “duplicate” option below.

Step 4: Update the Duplicated Page to Match Your Market

  1. Click “quick edit” on the new page you just made. Then, change the title to “What Is My _______ House Worth”, filling in the blank with your chosen market.
  2. Click the orange “Update” button in the bottom right corner to save these changes you just made. That’s it!

Step 5: Add Your New Form to Your New Page!

  1. Open up the new page you just made by clicking “edit”
  2. Then, click on the form that is found there in the Hero Section and choose the form you created in Step 2:

You’re Done! 


Feel encouraged to go back through and re-read any parts that you felt moved too quickly. We are available in Live Chat and Email should you need us 🙂