Using Blocks to Add an Image Credibility Bar

A credibility bar is a block placed directly below your hero image. Your site’s visitors want to know you and your company are someone they can trust. You can boost your rapport by adding items close to the top of your site’s home page. The first section should always be a call-to-action with a form to work with you. Below that, you should add a credibility bar if you have information that would improve your credibility.

Images, such as badges, can help improve rapport because they provide information quickly and don’t make your visitors read a lot or work to know more about your trustworthiness.

Let’s dive into how you can add these.

Step 1: Go to your site’s dashboard within your account

Step 2: Click “View Site” on the left-side menu:

Step 3: Click “Edit Page” on the top black admin bar

Step 4: Click “Add Block” Directly Below the Hero Block

Step 5: Add a Credibility Bar Block

Click the circle with the plus sign to add a group block. You can find it by using the search box or scrolling until you find the group block within the category “Layout Elements.”

Step 6: Select the Second “Gallery” Option

Step 7: Upload Your Gallery Images

Click the first button to Upload your images. Find and select all of your images and click the “Open” button on the bottom right of the screen.

Step 8: Adjust Your Gallery Settings

All images are grayscale within the credibility bar. You will want to adjust the settings. We’ll list the possibilities below. Keep in mind, you want the text to be easy to discern and as few lines as possible.


Default style is the default style of the template and may switch between grayscale and shadowed.

Grayscale will change the images to black and white.

Shadowed will place a shadow around the block.

Crop Image Toggle

Toggled on, the images will automatically crop to fit the width of the # of columns you have displayed. The height will always be 150px.

Toggled off, the images will not automatically crop to fit the width of the # of columns you have displayed and the images will be adjusted to 150px height.

Columns Slider

This is the number of images side-by-side. We recommend using the same number of columns as you have images – unless! the images have text and a graphic hard to discern if it is on the same line as other images.

Set Image Alignment

We recommend selecting the center allignment for your image credibility bar. To do so, click the left-hand setting for alignment and choose “align center.”

Step 9: Click Update on the Top Right and You’re Done 🙂

You have just added your image credibility bar!