Managed User Account Tutorials

Welcome aboard as a Carrot Managed User Master Account member! On this page there are a few simple and quick tutorial videos that will walk you through how to use your new managed user account.

On this page you’ll learn

  • What your dashboard looks like and some basic details about your new account and its capabilities
  • How to set up new users in your account and their websites
  • How to manage your active users in your account and how to remove/cancel users from your account
  • Answers to common questions you may have

Your Managed User Welcome And Your Dashboard

IC Managed User Training 1 - Welcome and account dashboard overview

Setting Up Users and Their Websites

IC Managed User Training 2 - Adding a managed user and their websites

Managing Your Active Users and Deleting Users/Websites

IC Managed User Training 3 - Managing your users and deleting users

Common Questions

Does a user’s website get deleted when I click “Remove User”? Nope, when you remove a user from your account, that user’s websites remain live and are not deleted right away. That initiates an email sequence to the user to retain them as a Carrot member and move their billing over. If they don’t “claim” their website within 2 weeks of you removing them from your account, their account will then be deleted along with their websites.

When do the monthly billing invoices go out? We tally the number of active users on your account on the 15th of each month then send you an invoice later that day.

What if a user wants to add another website over and above the plan I selected for them when we set them up? You can reach out to us at and let us know the situation and we can upgrade that user’s account to add however many websites you’d like them to add. Each additional website gets added to your account… OR, if the user would rather just pay for their own account they can do that as well. It’s up to what you and your user would like.

Does the user get sent their username and password automatically? Nope, our system doesn’t send out the user’s logins that you create for them. The reason behind this is so you can control the website setup branding to your customer. So when you set up a user’s account be sure to write down their UN and PW that you created for them and email it to them along with the login URL.