Removing AgentCarrot From Your Account

If you have Agent Carrot added to the same account as Investor Carrot, you can remove it at any time and keep Investor Carrot sites active. This tutorial will show you how to remove your agent sites from your Carrot account.

Step 1: Go To Membership

  • Head over to your account page, then in the header, click on Membership.

Step 3: Select “Update Membership”

  • On this screen, you’ll want to select “Update Membership” under Membership Details. 
  • If you also need to update your Credit Card information, click here. 


Step 4: Click the “X” On The AgentCarrot Option

Step 5: Save Your Changes

  • Here you can tell that you’ve successfully removed AgentCarrot from your account because it has been grayed out.
  • Just make sure to click “Update Membership” to save your changes!