SEO Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

You have SEO keyword data and insights at your fingertips to help you improve your Carrot site and rank better in search using our SEO Keyword Rank Tracking tool. The tool is designed to help you understand your site’s online visibility, how your site is performing, and give you insights to improve it.

Access your SEO Keyword Rank Tracking tool by going to AccountSite DashboardRankings.

You can also click here to go directly there. Let’s get started on how to use this awesome tool!

Adding keywords to the Keyword Rank Tracker

Click the green button to Add a Keyword Now.

You can choose suggested keywords for your company/branding and for your site type or add your own keyword in the field on the left side of the screen.

Once your keyword is added to the field, click the blue button to Add Keyword. An alert will show you once the keyword is added.

If you have already added keywords to track and are returning to add more keywords, you’ll want to use the green New button on the top right of the screen.

You will not be able to enter and track the same keyword on your site. If you enter a keyword that’s already on the site a red alert will pop up after you’ve clicked the button to Add Keyword letting you know it’s already on your site.

Reviewing the Data

It will take 1-2 weeks for your site to have stats added to your Rankings after you have selected your keywords.

For each of the SEO keywords you’re tracking, you can see:

  • Position: The top-ranking position of your target keyword
  • Volume: The average monthly number of searches for the target keyword
  • CPC: The average cost advertisers are paying for a click on an ad prompted by a given keyword in Google Ads.
  • URL: The URL of the page on your site that ranks in organic search results for that keyword

Clicking a specific keyword will take you to a page that displays a graph for that specific keyword.

Hover over the graph to view the data for that period.

How should you respond to the rank tracker’s data?

What good is data if you can’t act on it? 😉 Let’s dive into what you can do with the results you are seeing.

  • Position: You can use position tracking to see where your site ranks for a keyword and use our Guide to improve your position. Use the tracker to see how your efforts translate into ranking changes and learn which pages get the most traffic from your target keywords.
  • Volume: This data will give you an idea of what to expect for a keyword and if it’s worth pursuing and tracking. If you have an extremely high number of searches, then your keyword will be worth pursuing. If that keyword is nominal, then it won’t be worth pursuing as a paid ad but it may be something you want to track. A company’s name is an example of a low-traffic keyword to track that you may not want to pay traffic for.
  • CPC: This data set is helpful when setting your budget for paid ads and when reviewing how your ads are performing. If you are spending less than this amount, great! Your ad is performing well. If you are spending significantly more than the CPC on the tracker, reach out to our team to talk to one of our strategists to discuss your findings.
  • URL: Since this tells you the page the keyword is ranking for, you’ll immediately know which page you should be adjusting to improve rankings and pushing for backlinks so you maintain rankings.

Deleting Keywords from the tracking tool

Access your SEO Keyword Rank Tracking tool by going to AccountSite DashboardRankings.

Click the keyword you want to delete. Click the red text to Delete Keyword. A green banner will appear once the system has successfully processed your request.


I added keywords to my site but I do not see any data?

The system takes about a week for your keyword data to populate on the site so you can see where the site is ranking and how well it’s doing. If you find that your tracking is unavailable after that time, please reach out to our Support team at and we’d be happy to look into it.

Do I need a custom domain to track keywords?

Yes. Our system requires you to have a custom domain attached to your site before it can track your keyword rankings. Here’s our step-by-step process to get a domain attached.

What happens if I change my domain?

If you remove your domain from your site, your keywords will also be removed. Keyword rank tracking is directly related to your domain name and the rank tracker will have nothing to track against without an active domain name attached to your site.

If you add a new domain to your site you will also need to re-add your keywords and the tracking will start over because there won’t be a historical record for the new keyword.

Can I save the data if I delete a keyword from the SEO Rank Tracking tool

Once a keyword is deleted, the keyword is archived with all of its data. At that point, the data cannot be retrieved. We encourage you to screenshot and store the data prior to deleting your keyword tracking history.

What happens to my keywords if I cancel?

The keyword rank tracking data will be archived and if you decide to return as a member we may be able to retrieve your historical data if you use the same domain name and keywords.