Updating Forms to a Canadian or International Address

Carrot has all forms set to the United States autocomplete on a default site. This setting doesn’t allow an international address to be added if someone is opting in. So you’ll want to update the form to include addresses outside of the United States by editing the field itself. Check out the tutorial below to learn more.

How to Update to International Addresses On Your Forms

Step 1: Go to the site’s “dashboard” for the form you want to edit:

Step 2: Select “View Site” at the bottom left of the dashboard:

Step 3: Click on a form to edit within your Carrot site

You can click to view any page on your site once you view the site. While viewing the site, there is an icon to edit the form for any page you are on. Click the “pencil” icon to edit the form’s content and the form’s fields.

4. Update your address field

Here, you can drag and drop new fields, edit existing fields, and delete fields. Each field is added by clicking an option on the far right. The fields already listed are currently on the form itself and editable in that section. Just click one to open the options and edit the title or make it required/unrequired.

Be sure that you clicked the option to open the address field when you arrive at your form. It is found on the top right of that field.

  • * – Your address field must be from the advanced section on the far right for the options below to be available.
  • A – Choose your “address type” appropriate to your area. If you are in Canadian, choose the Canadian Address. If you are in Europe, choose the International Address from the drop-down.
  • B – Click the toggles to hide the superfluous fields. We recommend the address and city. All others aren’t necessary to show. For every field you have, there will be a box to complete. More boxes to complete = lower conversions and fewer leads.
  • C – Choose your default province or default country
  • D – Click the “update form” button at the far right and you’re done!

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