Using the VideoPost Transcription Service

Shooting a video is an easy way to create content, but not the best way to rank your site for popular search terms. Blog posts are a great way to rank for terms but are time-consuming. An automated transcription takes those ideas in your head and quickly gets unique content on your site that search engines love – fresh content, higher rankings, more leads!

First, you’ll want to film your video and add it to a hosting platform, such as Youtube or Vimeo. Youtube is the recommended platform. Youtube is owned by Google and gives you a bit more of an SEO edge. Be sure to use your keywords within the video’s description and title. Once you have uploaded your video, you’ll add it to your site as a post then transcribe it.

Please note, this VideoPost Transcription service is only applicable to the English language and is available to Content Pro and Advanced Marketer members. You will need to upgrade from the Core plan if you want to use this service.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Copy the video’s URL

Locate your video on Youtube or Vimeo. At the top of the browser, copy the URL in the address bar.

Click the URL at the top of the browser to copy the URL.

Step 2: Add a New Post

Go to your site’s content, then find Posts on the left-hand side. Click the “Add New” button on the top right.

Step 3: Title Your Blog Post

Step 4: Add Your Video as a Video Post

Scroll paste the section to “Start writing or type / to choose a block” then click the Post Transcription option “Video (New.” Paste your video link in the “Video URL” box.

Step 5: Save the Post

You can save or publish the post. Saving the draft will allow you to keep the post private until you are ready to publish it. Publishing the post will immediately make the post public.

Refresh once the post is saved.

Step 6: Start the Transcription

Click the box to charge your card on file for the amount due. This is based upon $1.25 per minute of the video.

That’s It!

We’ll send you an email with confirmation that your transcription has completed, within the next day or so. Your post will be automatically updated with the transcription shown below to be picked up by search engines. If you receive the email and the transcription is not available on the site, please give it 24 hours to fully populate. Sometimes the email is sent before the transcription service and Carrot site have fully connected.

*Optional Step 8: Edit Your Transcript

Because the transcription is verbatim, we recommend you hop in and update the content. There will be some “um’s,” “so’s,” and other words that can be filler content and hurt the flow of the written post. To best optimize the page, you will want to review this content for grammatical errors and readability.

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