Where Are You Now?

Determining where you are now will be an important step in determining how to use your carrot site.

We’ve created a few general buckets to determine where you are in your business and how that will determine which marketing route you will take..

  • Novice
  • Intermediate / Part Time
  • Pro / Full Time


Newer To Real Estate Investing But Committed To Closing Your First Few Deals?


As a novice you still have some major hurdles to jump over. The biggest and most important hurdle being to close your first deal.

Some of the biggest challenges you may be running into…

  • Lack of funding.
  • Not sure where to start.
  • Are you nervous about making offers because you’re not sure what to do next.
  • Not sure about the methodology of inbound marketing.
  • You may potentially be over analyzing things trying to make them perfect vs. taking the right actions.
  • Not clear on the exact next steps to close a deal.
  • Aren’t fully confident and understanding of the numbers and expectations required to succeed (marketing budget calc).
  • Still need to learn the local market.


That being said, ANYONE can succeed if they put in the time and energy required. You have a great opportunity to accomplish the following over the next several months…

  • Build more credibility,
  • Get your first few deals done and under your belt
  • Get clarity on the next steps so you feel confident you’re moving in the right direction.
  • And eventually leave their day job if you want to.

Probable Strategies: (Based On Budget)

If you find that you are in the Novice bucket, the next item we’ll look at is your budget. If you don’t have many funds for marketing, you’ll need to commit time to get leads.

The most important thing for you regardless is getting some motivated seller leads.

  • Very limited funds: (under $500 a month)
    • We’d definitely recommend finding a mentor.
    • If your just getting started and you don’t have much of a budget you’ll probably be starting with SEO & Amplifying Your Offsite Marketing
  • Moderate Budget: ($500 to $1000 a month)
      • We’d definitely recommend finding a mentor.
  • You’ll still be starting with SEO and Amplifying Your Offsite Marketing
  • You may also potentially and cautiously dabble with some inbound advertising (Adwords or Facebook advertising)
  • Solid Budget (3 months of $1000 or more)
    • You may want to look into a coaching program.
    • If you have a bit of funds set aside and you want to start getting leads through your site immediately
      • You can start with Adwords
      • Facebook advertising
      • Direct mail
      • Etc
    • We always recommend people work on their SEO and if you want to hire someone out to do some of the ongoing work, that is another place you can contribute your funds to.

Moderate Experience / Part Time Investor:


Are You A Part-Time Investor, Still Have A Day Job But Want To Go Full-Time


This is a very exciting place to be in. You definitely still have your challenges, but you understand the process, you’ve gotten your feet wet and know how the process works.

But you still want to get over the hurdle and feel comfortable doing this full time. Here are some of the key challenges you may be facing.

  • Not sure if those first few deals were a fluke.
  • You want more consistency in your lead generation.
  • “not enough time”
  • Budget is tight still possibly.
  • Possibly don’t have a strong enough foundation on your marketing to really be full-time and want that foundation.


Gain consistency in your lead generation so you can predictably close more deals. Get to a deal a month possibly then you can go full time!

Probable Strategies:

Still Limited Funds (under $1000 a month)

  • Set up an SEO plan to improve in the rankings over the course of the year.

Moderate Funds (3 months of $1000)

  • Get started with an Adwords account.
  • Hire an assistant to help with SEO

Solid Budget (3 months of $2500 or more)

  • Outsource your adwords management
  • Start a facebook advertising campaign
  • Hire an SEO consultant to manage your rankings

Pro / Full-Time:  

Is Your Full-Time Income From Real Estate Investing And You Want To Scale Up Leveraging The Web?


You have a full time real estate business and you want to keep growing! You’ve got an amazing opportunity but still have some challenges you’d like to overcome.

  • You’re in the ROI mindset and you’re current web presence isn’t turning the ROI it needs to.
  • We understand you often don’t have the time to focus on doing the work yourself (or don’t want to),
  • Your offline lead generation methods have become more competitive w/ all of the new flippers / wholesalers in the market… how do your crack through the clutter?,
  • You are now at a point where you have more to lose… a tech issue can cost them tens of thousands because you have consistent traffic coming to your site and leads into your business.
  • Phantom expenses are big


If we can nail some of these challenges you’ll finally be able to focus on what they do best.  We’ll help you tighten up your tech stack so you don’t have to worry about it. Lose fewer leads due to under performance. Scale up your business by stacking on this new lead source. Increase the ROI of their offline marketing w/ a smarter online marketing mix.

Probably Strategies:

  • What’s working for you right now (offline or online?)
  • Patch up your website and online presence.
  • Determine your ADP & How much you’re likely losing from under performance of your site as part of your overall strategy.
  • Amplify offline marketing – as a pro

Stack your online marketing.

  • Outsource your ongoing SEO work to get you to page one
  • Outsource your adwords campaigns to get a consistent stream of quality leads
  • Outsource your facebook advertising to retarget and generate a broader reach