Step 5 – BONUS: Email Autoresponder Follow Up Sequence + Open & Click Rates

email follow up

Email Copy

Open Rate – 38.8%
Click Thru Rate – 0%

Subject: Your dream home awaits…

Picture your dream home…

What does it look like?

On the river? Big backyard? Two stories? Cozy fireplace with warm colors? Open spaces with white trim?

Now what?

This should get you started. Ideally, you send this emails every couple of days and build out 10-15 more emails to nurture a lead for the next couple of months.

Whatever qualities your next home possesses, we can help you find it. In fact, we’ve helped over [insert your number] families sell or buy their [insert target market] area homes in the last couple of years.

And if you need to sell the home, then we can help with that as well. 🙂

Get in contact with us today with any questions you might have about buying or selling your home.

Talk soon,

[insert your signature]

Open Rate – 21%
Click Thru Rate – 4.3%

Ever dreamed of living [niche location #1]? Check this out…

Let’s face it.

Who in [insert target market] hasn’t dreamed of [insert niche location]?

We love helping local families find their perfect home on the river. It’s kind of our thing.

Access Our Daily Updated List Of [insert link to niche location landing page] Homes For Sale In The [insert target market]

Join our list above (even if you are curious what riverfront homes are going for) and we will send you updates of the newest homes we have.

Of course, if you want to live in town that is completely fine too. We can help you find your next home anywhere in or outside of [insert target market].

Head over to our website to learn more about us. [insert credibility statement here]

Contact us today!

Talk soon,

[Your Signature]

Open Rate – 21%
Click Thru Rate – 2.2%

Can I share something with you?


We have been sending you a few emails and we just wanted to share a little free information with you today. Our hope is it helps you on your journey to buying or selling your next home.

Here are some helpful articles we recommend you read if you are still thinking of buying/selling your home.

[list out and link to 4-5 blog posts on your Carrot website]

Contact us today! [link to contact us page]

Talk soon,

[Your Signature]