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Phase 2: Pro Investors | How To Amplify And Scale

How To Amplify & Scale for Pro Investors

If you’re already a full time investor and you’re really wanting to ramp things up with Carrot this will walk you through the high level of what to do and we’ll direct you to resources to really scale up your business. Watch the video to learn how you can really take advantage of Carrot in your business and all the tools we can provide for your business.

Create Your High Performing Website

The first thing you need to do with Carrot is create your website or let us create your website so that it stands out from the crowd.

If you’re already doing a lot of offline marketing such as direct mail, or cold calling, or bandit signs, or whatever it is you’re doing that’s gotten you this far. You might still be missing out on a lot of conversions if you don’t have a high performing – high credibility site. These days, almost everyone looks to the internet to research and review someone they plan on doing business with.

Let’s say only 50% of the people who receive some form of marketing from you go online and research your business, or website and they come across a site that doesn’t convert well, or doesn’t present you as a strong business, that could be 10s of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

So the first thing we want you to do is create your high performing site so that you can amplify your already successful marketing.

Services You Might Start With

Concierge Setup – The concierge setup isn’t openly available to all our members, but is something we’d need to hop on a call and make sure it’s a good fit.

Our concierge setup is the quickest and easiest way for you to create a high converting – high credibility site. We jump in and rewrite all the content on your site and create a unique and personalized site to help you stand out from crowd.

One thing that people often say is that all the Carrot sites look the same. Well after going through our concierge setup you’ll have a unique site that no other member has.

You’ll also get a one-on-one strategy call to help you start taking advantage of our resources and your new online presence.

To get started with the Concierge Setup reach out to us on chat and we’ll get you connect with someone on our sales team to get you all set up.

Standard Quickstart – This is open to the public and anyone can sign up for this, but it’s a great way to knock out all the initial updates we suggest you make to the site.

Optimize Your About Page

This is the second most visited page across all of our members sites.

Optimize this page for you and your company name. People are going to search you and you want to have a place to introduce who you are and what your business does.

Make sure you have a profile photo of yourself and your team members, put your bio on there, put your why on there, maybe even your core values.

People want to work with companies they believe in.

Add Your Tracking #’s

Adding your tracking numbers to your website is important because people search numbers on google All The Time!

Put the numbers from your bandit signs, your cold calling numbers, your direct mail numbers at the bottom of your About Us page so that if someone searches that phone number your site will show up.

It could say something like this.

“You may have found our site because you were contacted by or saw one of these 7 phone numbers. Awesome! These are our tracking phone numbers so we can see where our customers are coming from. We’d love to work with you, take a look around our site and see who we are and we’d love to hear from you.”

Build Your Credibility

A lot of people come to carrot and think if they just launch a site that they’ll just magically start thinking everything is going to be the best. But you have to help yourself stand apart and create rapport with your visitors. Add any reviews you’ve received, create videos of you with customers or answering common questions you receive.

If you’re a member of the Better Business Bureau, make sure and add that badge. If you’re a Veteran a lot of members will add their Veteran business owner badge.

But you need to make sure and set yourself apart!