Amplify Your Offline Marketing – Novice

Amplify Your Offline Marketing – Novice

If the following describes you …

  • You’re just starting out with Carrot
  • You’ve never done a deal
  • You don’t have a marketing budget
  • You need a deal in the next 90 days

If that’s you… your carrot site will initially be used as a powerful credibility piece for the offline marketing you are going to be doing.

At this stage, you won’t yet be receiving any SEO leads and without a budget you won’t be able to drive traffic to the site through advertising …SO…. you’ll need to find leads by pounding the pavement and picking up the phone.

A lot of people in this stage should also probably have a mentor or guide to help them navigate the process of wholesaling or investing.

We’ve collected a list of potential programs or resources you could reach out to at the bottom of this article.

There are few strategies you’ll want to use when you’re in this position. A few we would recommend are below….

  1. Driving for dollars
  2. Cold Calling

In both of these strategies you’ll be reaching out to potential motivated sellers directly.

Driving For Dollars

Below is a very brief description of driving for dollars and is a common strategy for people just getting started.

Brian Rockwell one of our most successful members started out using this strategy.

You should check out his CarrotCast episode here

Anyway, here’s the strategy. If you want a more in depth discussion on this strategy check out this biggerpockets article.

  1. Choose a target neighborhood
  2. Drive the neighborhood
  3. Write down all the distressed properties in the neighborhood (vacant, run down, FSBO, FRBO, etc.)
  4. Research the properties and find out who owns them through the county records.
  5. Research the mailing address of the owner.
  6. If possible, find out the phone number of the owner.
  7. Call the owner or mail the owner indicating you’re interested in their property
  8. Reference your Carrot website to build credibility
  9. Inspect the property
  10. Make an offer
  11. Find a buyer
  12. Close the deal

Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the most effective ways to find potential motivated sellers. It’s generally not the most fun, but the more painful the process the more opportunity available.

  1. Pull a list of high probability motivated sellers
  2. Skip trace the list for phone numbers
  3. Set a consistent dialing schedule
  4. Reference your Carrot site
  5. Find a deal

We have a great CarrotCast with Justin Colby where he describes his process for getting a list and how many calls you’ll need to make to close a deal every 21 days. Check out minute 37:40.

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Getting started and getting that first deal is gonna take some real grit and commitment, but if you can get over that hurdle of completing your first deal. It’s off to the races.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or set up a strategy call if you need help implementing these strategies.