Crafting A Winning Marketing Plan

How to create a long term marketing plan customized for your business

Marketing should be purposeful and part of a plan. Not something you do “whenever I can get to it”. Not something you think you can “outsource so someone else can handle it”. Yes, you can outsource execution of tasks, but YOU need to own the marketing plan for your business.

Use our Marketing Plan Generator to get a high level 90 day and 12 month marketing plan HERE.

The high level is this (it assumes you have dialed in your Carrot Authority Hub / website).

  • Let’s amplify and make your existing offline marketing work better right away (increase the ROI of it)
  • Let’s create Niche / Location pages on your site aimed at getting in front of my best niche prospects in Google (Evergreen)
  • Let’s do some quick lead gen efforts  / hamsterwheel marketing to get leads coming in now while you build up momentum on your Evergreen
  • Continue to stack Evergreen Authority Building content on your Authority Hub
  • Amplify the content with paid marketing and/or on Facebook/IG/etc
  • Rinse and repeat