Resources For Novice Investors

Getting started in real estate is an exciting adventure! There is so much to learn and a lot of moving pieces to keep track of. We’ve compiled a short list of places you can go to get help and find guidance for your new venture.

Probably the most important person you’ll want to seek out is a mentor who would be willing to teach you the ropes on your first few deals. If you don’t yet have a mentor and are still trying to get your feet wet, you might check out your local REIA meeting or find a real estate investor meetup to look for a fellow wholesaler or flipper.

Check out our podcast on finding a mentor here –> How to Attract A Mentor

Here’s an additional resource at bigger pockets for finding a mentor –> How Do You Find A Real Estate Investing Mentor

Sean Terry’s Flip 2 Freedom Podcast

Phil Pustejovsky’s YouTube Channel (Great video training for newbies)

Max Maxwell’s YouTube Channel (Great video inspiration and strategies for newbies)

Brent Daniels Cold Calling Training (Course on getting deals through cold calling)

Tom Kroll Coaching Program (REI Online Community)

Real Estate Wholesaling Bible By Than Merrill (Book)

Carrot’s getting started guide (Tutorial to getting site set up)

REIPro – (Real Estate Investing Software & Training)