IONOS (1&1) Domain Setup

*You may find your registrar’s support team asking for an “IP Address” to attach the domain name. We use a cname record to attach domain names because using IP Addresses means a systems servers must remain the same and ours do not and flux with incoming traffic and other updates. To ensure domain names always work, please use a cname to attach the domain to your site. 

*If you have a custom email, this process will likely disconnect the email. Please be sure to check with your registrar to ensure it continues to work after this update.

Step 1: Login to IONOS, aka 1&1

Step 2: Click “Domains & SSL”

Step 3: Add a Subdomain for Your Site

Click “Manage Subdomain”

You can find this for the site to connect by clicking the gear icon on the right-side of the domain’s options.

Click “Add Subdomain”

Create Subdomain

Create the subdomain by adding “www” (no quotations) into the “Subdoman Name” entry box. We use help in the image below.

Step 4: Add a CName Alias

Manage Subdomain

Now that you have your subdomain set up, you can set up your CNAME. Navigate back to your domains menu and click “Manage Subdomains” using the gear icon’s options.

Click “Adjust Destination”

This option is accessed by clicking the gear icon on the right and selecting “Adjust Destination” from the drop-down.

Click “DNS”

“Add record”

Choose “CNAME” and Create the Alias

The next screen gives you many options. Choose the option “CNAME” to create an alias. Use the image below to update the available options:

Please note, this is only possible for subdomains so be sure to complete the steps above to create a subdomain for “www.”

Click the blue “Save” button to complete this step.

Step 5: Add a Redirect

“Adjust Destination”

Now, you’ll want to ensure your site can be found without a www in front of it. This is called a redirect. To access this, go back to your domains menu and click the gear icon on the right menu to select “Adjust Destination.”

Select “Forward Domain”

This will allow you to forward the domain without a www to the www version without any traction loss.

Insert the Following

Step 6: Now, Let’s Attach That To Your Carrot Site

Sign into your Carrot Account page and click the green box to “add a custom domain.”

Enter your domain name on Step #1, then hit “Save Custom Domain” to save changes.

That’s it! Give it a few for the changes to update. If you have any trouble at all, hit up support via email or live chat for guidance. We will also gladly do it for ya if you provide Support with your login info.

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