Add Autocomplete Address Capability to Your Forms

If your leads are using valid United States’ addresses, your site has the amazing capability to automatically complete the address someone is typing in to your form. While typing, an address will appear below and continue to personalize with each character until the address is fully displayed and narrowed down. Your visitor need only select the address from the list.
This is great from a user’s standpoint because it makes connecting with you that much simpler. AND the easier you make it seem to connect with you, the better the perception is regarding ease to work with you.

Here’s what it will look like on your site

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Click “Content” on the Main Account Page

 Step 2: Click Forms on the Left Menu

Step 3: Select the Form for your Address Autocomplete

Step 4: Hide the Current Address Field

  • Click the box that reads “Property Address” or “Address” to open the settings.
  • Then, click the “Advanced” tab
  • Select “Admin only” and that’s it. 

Step 5: Choose the “Address” Advanced Field

Click “Address” under Advanced fields on the right-hand side​

Step 6: Make the Address Field Autocomplete

Open the field by clicking on Address and then select “United States – Autocomplete” from the drop-down provided. ​

Please note: You can tally any details (such as address line 2) to be hidden on the form but still allow the form to use autocomplete. This is especially important if you are using this for your home page. You want to remove the green tally from everything except “street address” if you are doing this to your home page’s form. That will ensure optimal conversion rates.

Optional* Step 7: Map the Address to Your Step 2 Form

Do this if you are updating your home page form and have information automatically filtered to your step 2 form.

Find your step-2 form by going to forms and selecting the form. Go to the address field (should be the first field and click it). Go to the advanced tab and check the box that says “Allow field to be populated dynamically”. Finally add a unique name to each field as seen below (blue box).​

B) Save the step-2 form

C) Go back to the first form and map the address to the step-2 form

All we need to do here is tell the step 1 form data where to go on step 2. Go to your step-1 form default confirmation.

1. Select the page that is your step-2 form
2. Check the box that says pass field data via query string
3. Fill out the address properties according to what you put for the step-2 form.

D) Save the form

That should do it!