Add Autocomplete Address Capability to Your Forms

Hey Carrot gang!

Here’s a quick, simple guide on how to add auto-fill addresses from Google to your form’s address field.

Let’s dive in!

1. Go to Forms and select a form that has an address field




seller form

2. Hide the current address field

When you delete a field on an active form you will see a message that says you will lose all data associated with that field. You likely don’t want to do that.

It’s easy enough to hide the hold address field before adding the new auto-complete address field.

Here is how to hide a form field


3. Open up the address field by clicking on it, then select Autocomplete

For this example, I will be using my main Seller form. You can always tell what form you want by reading the first sentence in the form’s box. This will be the title of the form.


Note: It has to be an Address field under Advanced fields, not a text field named “Address”

address field



Map the address to your step-2 form

Find your step-2 form by going to forms and selecting the form. Go to the address field (should be the first field and click it). Go to the advanced tab and check the box that says “Allow field to be populated dynamically”. Finally add a unique name to each field as seen below (blue box).


Save the step-2 form


Go back to the first form and map the address to the step-2 form

All we need to do here is tell the step 1 form data where to go on step 2. Go to your step-1 form default confirmation.

1. Select the page that is your step-2 form
2. Check the box that says pass field data via query string
3. Fill out the address properties according to what you put for the step-2 form.

4. Save the form


Then that should do it!

Here’s what it will look like on your site


How cool is that!